Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Murder: By George

A TEENAGER appeared in court yesterday accused of murder after an adviser to Chancellor George Osborne’s Treasury team was found dead in his home.

Paul Jefferies, 52, a senior HMRC official who helped shape Government tax policy, died of multiple injuries.

His body was discovered in his cottage in a village after neighbours raised the alarm on Thursday.

Mr Jefferies was yesterday described as a loner who was obsessed by his privacy and was rarely seen by other villagers in Mayfield, East Sussex.

One ex-neighbour said: “He was the most solitary man I have ever met' ...

A 17-year-old male appeared before magistrates in Brighton yesterday accused of murder.

Police are believed to be trying to discover the nature of the relationship between him and the dead man.

Mr Jefferies worked at HMRC for more than 20 years.

Yesterday it emerged he had not seen or contacted his family since 1985. Mr Jefferies, who was gay, left home in Newport, Gwent when he was 21. He said he was going away for a weekend but never returned... 

The Sun.

Erm, don't think working for the tax office makes you 'George Osborne's aide', but there you go.

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