Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Sun: Fun Quiz!

OLLY Murs thinks he’s 20 per cent gay, Sacha Baron-Cohen claims he’s 23 per cent and Robbie Williams once said he’s a whopping 49 per cent.

With gay marriage legalised and more gay men on TV than ever before, it’s no longer cool enough just to have a gay best friend. No, these days, stars are falling over themselves to prove they’re actually a bit gay themselves.

In 2016 we’re mature enough to know that gay men come in all shapes and sizes – for every Alan Carr or Julian Clary there’s a rugby-playing bruiser like Gareth Thomas or a loveable cheeky chappie like actor Russell Tovey.

Even so, most gay men can admit that some stereotypes about them have a little bit of truth behind them – and according to the cliché, have always enjoyed poking fun at themselves.

So in keeping with this tradition, out-and-proud author MATT CAIN has come up with a quick and easy quiz to find out exactly where you fall on the sliding scale between full-bodied, lager-swilling straight to muscle-bound, fabulous gay... 

The Sun.

Oh my sides!

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