Saturday, 12 March 2016

Thought For The Day: The New Normal

A gay friend once told me he preferred it in the old days, when being “other” was transgressive and interesting, when it represented a real counterculture. No one wants to go back to the time when homosexuality was so strongly stigmatised that it forced countercultures to generate in defiance. But I know what he meant.

Soft social liberalism – embraced, nominally at least, by the Cameronian Tories – is now so widespread that difference, in a strange way, is disappearing (although admittedly some of the LGT children were bullied because of their difference). But the rainbow society, where pretty much anything is acceptable, is getting closer every day.

Who can say that this is a bad thing? However, I have a faint nostalgia for difference – of rebellion, if you like. In a world where everyone is accepted, individuality itself in some strange way is diluted, because where everyone is an individual, no one is an individual. Heterogeneity becomes a form of homogeneity.

I sometimes think that children and adolescents have lost the ability to shock – at least in interesting cultural ways, rather than by violence or bad behaviour. Yes, we all accept difference now as normal. But that might be another way of saying that difference is dead. There’s much to celebrate about that – but also, perhaps, something to mourn.

Tim Lott: The Guardian.


  1. no, this is stupid. normality is very cool. wacky bizarre rebellious behaviour is old fashioned and boring. everyone wants to be a freak now. why dont you sit on your sofa and eat some crisps ffs instead of expecting young people to conform to this hackneyed old model of rebellion.

    anyway Richard i was sure i wrote your addresss down. i did find it but i dont know what i have done with it going to send you an email, can you give it me again. i have alot of stickers that i want to stick impressively over every surface completely obliterating any message that i write. im not using the internet much mow it drives me nuts

    xxxx syd

  2. hopefully children and adolescents are too busy getting on with their lives and enjoying the wall to wall culturally interesting things beaming from every available surface to bother with entertaining this poor fellow in culturally interesting ways.

    once again someone in the media revealing their personal problems in these articles they write, such as having a souless chasm of a life, or living vicariously through entertainment, rather than anyone else's problems.

    oh dear. lol.

    "when will someone do something new ?"

    why dont YOU do something new. right now. this second. stop waiting for others to live your life for you. stop clicking on everything looking for a buzz and then wonder why you no longer feel. stop being a spectator to life. get off your arse and do something for the love of crap. do anything.

    (unless you have recently fallen down some stairs in which case stay there eating biscuits and watching Stella Street, which is awesome.)

    Thus Spoke Zarathustra ! (in between betting on the horses and eating pot noodle.)