Wednesday, 2 March 2016

TV: Secrets Of The Sauna

Good to see Channel 4 has finally got round to showing this documentary.

Is it still 'a secret world' if they let you make a film about it?

Makes gay saunas look about as 'racy' as a dead horse.

'On Sundays up to 50 men can come looking for some action...'

Though Fagburn liked its Whicker's World/Victoria Wood As Seen On TV  'swingers in suburbia' take on this.

Watch it here.

PS Patrick Strudwick reports from the last night at Chariots. A frightening thought.

1 comment:

  1. It seemed more about long term partners in open relationships tying the knot. I would like to have heard more from the ex homophobic young man working at the sauna. How come he's happy with a life picking up condoms and being lusted over by the clientele? Is he on a promise of taking over the place when the owners retire?