Monday, 14 March 2016

Years & Years: Are Rubbish

Years & Years have released a brand new video for Desire and it features vocals by Swedish singer Tove Lo.

Following on from yesterday’s announcement that the 2014 single would be re-released with a featured artist, the band have also put out a second video for the single two years after its original release. 

Frontman Olly Alexander explained, with a detailed post on Facebook, that the video was created with his “queer family” and that he wanted the video to be a “positive and joyful expression of sexiness and sexuality.”

He wrote: “Most often I see the following kind of attitude – we don’t mind if you’re gay, just don’t be too gay or that’s a bit much; a bit camp; a bit weird; don’t shove it in our faces etc.

“Well, if “shoving it in your face” essentially refers to the way that lots of straight pop stars get to assert their sexuality then I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna shove it in your face if I want to.” ...


*feigns interest*

PS The new GT contains an interview with Olly, who they declare is - and I shit you not - 'the most important gay pop star of our time'.


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