Sunday, 15 May 2016

BBC: It's What We're All Asking

Of all the things wrong with the BBC, it would be hard to argue that a shortage of gay people making and presenting programmes is one of them. As Andrew Marr observed a decade ago: ‘The BBC is not impartial or neutral. It’s a publicly funded, urban organisation with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities, and gay people. It has a liberal bias, not so much a party-political bias. It is better expressed as a cultural liberal bias.’

Why, then, is the government intent on making the BBC even more gay? In one of the less-reported sections of this week’s white paper on the future of the corporation, John Whittingdale lays down a target that 10 per cent of senior leadership roles at the BBC be filled by LGBT staff by 2020...

Spectator blog. 

Does point out that the 'We are 10%' fallacy is now discredited as a gross over-estimate, but that's not really the point here (and the anti-gay right often argues we are a tiny minority with too much influence, bit like the Jews).

It's really about the old right-wing gripe, that BBC stands for Buggers Broadcasting Communism.


Mail On Sunday.

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