Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Brighton: Questions To Which The Answer Is Yes

Brighton can be painfully right-on. Its council threatens residents with fines of as much as £50,000 if they fail to abide by its Byzantine recylying rules. Its official forms allow people to chose from titles including Mr, Mrs, Ms and “Mx” (denoting refusal to be confined to a single gender). So perhaps it is unsurprising that Brighton and Hove council refused to use a rubbish lorry because it was emblazoned with the Union flag. Some residents believed displaying the British flag was “political” and inappropriate before the EU referendum; it might encourage Brexit, apparently.

Such behaviour suggests a certain discomfort with modern Britain and its values, a city that does not feel entirely at home in this country. Perhaps Brighton should hold its own referendum, on independence from the UK. 


We're ahead of you; The Peoples' Republic Of Brighton.


  1. Brighton is obviously a unique case, but I wonder how much most residents of seaside towns feel apart or a part of the mainland. Isn't Cornwall one of the Green Party's strongholds? Or are they all Tories there? I assume the latter but I'm sure I read they're all old hippies who see themselves as kind of subversively apart from the UK or summat. Can't be arsed to check, obvs. x

  2. They used to be Liberal/Lib Dems in the South-west bum of England.

    Jeremy Thorpe was Devon.

    I neither can be arsed to investigate this further.

  3. Cornwall's all tory these days. But does have its own language unlike Brighton (polari don't count).