Saturday, 14 May 2016

Eurovision: Oh Those Russians!

Textbook hysterical over-reaction from Pink News.

Been a while since the gay/GBH media has had a chance to return to its favourite licence to write bollocks, Russia.

The sad thing is, I'm not sure Nick Duffy believes a word of this.

Or maybe, like most gay journalists, he's happy to be a handmaiden of power?

Eniarku tub enoyna!

See also: The Eurovision dilemma: What if Russia wins, Gay Star News, If Russia wins, will Eurovision's gay fans boo or cheer, Telegraph.Could Russia actually win the song contest despite its anti-gay law, Independent. Snore!

PS See the hilarious comments section after this gem.

Good to know Pink News readers know more about what Russia's actually like than, erm... a Russian!

See also: Gay clubbing and stoic activism in Russia’s homophobic heartland, Guardian report from the industrial city of Samara, where gay life goes quietly on.

There's an interesting interview with a gay Russian Eurovision fan on GT online, 'Boycotting my country will only make things worse'.

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