Sunday, 22 May 2016

Fagburn: Sorry

My computer has been infected by a virus, so it takes two hours to post even this.

I shall now try and find a grown-up to sort it out...



    you don't have to read many of the 'comments' to identify the sorry stench of 'queer fear' (what we called it before some smarty invented 'homophobia' which of course is more accurate...

    but all the more amusing then that they rejected my comment, to wit:

    "Without getting into the grim and sordid behavior of the cops historically, one thing that makes me taste barf in my mouth is these guys thinking themselves 'handsome'. The guy in the photograph is about as hot as a very sticky, smelly fire hydrant in the middle of a heat wave., and I'd have to be so hopped up on drugs or alcohol to even talk with him, am sure nothing would ever happen.

    Truly pathetic."

    Oh well, at least I could post it here.

    Sorry about your computer; it's bad enough having to think to hard just to keep the damn thing running from day to day but between the vicious, hateful hetero trolls and endless viruses and bad things, the fun of having a pc is just about done for me.

    I know, pity party for one. May I just say that although I never leave messages, I truly enjoy the tenor and content of your blog and am so very very grateful as a Yank to see a thoughtful blog that isn't like Queerty with its endless parade of attractive but very dim and unintesting party boys. Kind of like the Sun for desperate gai ones.

    Pip pip.

  2. SORT IT AHT, PLEASE!!!!!! xx

  3. Not found an fault yet? :(