Monday, 16 May 2016

Ideal Home: Bickering

Steve Coogan is all cowboy-ed up to play a demanding celebrity (who is shooting a Western-themed episode of his cooking show) in The Hollywood Reporter's first look at Ideal Home.

The comedy stars Coogan and Paul Rudd as a bickering gay couple whose lives are turned upside down when Coogan’s character’s grandson that he never knew he had shows up at their dinner party. The couple, who live an extravagant life, decide to take in the new addition after he crashes their lives.

Ideal Home, which began shooting May 11 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is written and directed by Andrew Fleming. Aaron Ryder, Gabriella Tana, Maria Theresa Arida and Clark Peterson, Maxime Remillard producing...

First Look, Hollywood Reporter.

A bickering gay couple?

Oh fuck, it's going to be a middle-aged version of Vicious.

And there's a child, too, just so the straights can relate.

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