Saturday, 14 May 2016

Peter Tatchell Watch: Knighty Knight

Over the last decade, I’ve had three separate phone calls asking if I would be “minded” to accept an OBE, knighthood or a peerage. The caller had a cut-glass accent. He declined to identify himself, saying it was just a “preliminary” inquiry. It could have been genuine or possibly a tabloid sting. I have no idea who the man was or in what capacity he phoned me. In all three cases, I said no...

Peter Tatchell, The Guardian Cif.

So there's no written record of any of this, Pete?

Funny, as you claim you're barred from receptions at 10 Downing Street, this seems a little strange.

I really do worry about you, Lady Bonkers.

PS Love this tragic attempt to get a free holiday...

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