Saturday, 14 May 2016

Tate: Dammit Janet

This week, the Tate Gallery announced the first major exhibition to explore ‘queer art’, marking 50 years since male homosexuality in Britain was decriminalised. In 2017, Tate Britain’s show will include work by David Hockney, Duncan Grant, Francis Bacon and Keith Vaughan. 

Is this a cause for celebration, or another reminder that definitions of gender have come to dominate our thinking in so many areas of modern life? Surely art is either good or bad? Lumping together gay artists, as if their sexual preferences make them members of a particular club, is highly questionable...

Janet Street-Porter, The Independent. 

Oh do shut up, you braindead cow.

Exhibitions always organise works around a theme - that's the bloody point!

Queer British Art opens next April.

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