Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Attitude: 'One Loves One's Gay Fans'

And no one is a moral authority just because they dropped out of a royal vagina.

I don't care what the brain dead in-bred 'think' about anything.


PS This is Matthew Todd's last issue as editor.


  1. Hi Richard

    In a week where we've lost 49 LGBT young people after a man outwardly turned his own self hatred (and possibly internalised homophoiba) on us.

    In a week where it tuerned out that his hatred came from religious beliefs (not unlike Dr John Sentamu's which you posted earlier), and social media has been awash with Bible quotes and queer-baiting.

    In a week where it took BBC News nearly five hours to feature the attack as a leading story of the day, or even mention the word gay.

    In a week where the rest of the media, and even some of our straight friends have downplayed and denied this as a homophobic attack. (Three days too late, Cameron)

    In a week where the LGBT community and our friends have come together to show our love and support across the globe for our right to love and live. And that we wont live in fear.

    And in a week where, right now, there’s probably an LGBT kid not far from you or I, who is being bullied, and is not strong enough, funny enough, witty, bitchy or clever enough to fight back. One who is possibily thinking of taking their own life.

    I don't know about you, but I was bullied, hit, spat on, pushed and kicked for being gay when I was a kid.It fucked me up. I hope you had it easier than me, or the thousands who had it worse, and all those experiencing right now.

    Whatever you think about royalty (or even Matthew Todd for that matter), it's clear we need all the help and support we can muster from LGBT and straight people to deal with this. I’m not a huge royalist myself and certainly don’t need his validation. But what I do need, is his support and understanding of the seriousness of our plight. If it takes him, as the future King of England, to say it on the front cover of Attitude, for all the world’s media to bear witness - than I’m all for it. It could just save someone’s life.

    I get that it's fun to bitch and be clever about stuff. But not to the detriment of our own mental health and wellbeing. We've already had one attack on us from the inside this week. I don't think we deserve any more.

    1. I take your point - I think deference to royalty is sinister.

    2. It's better that William is expressing his support for LGBT victims of bulling, rather than maintaining the absolute silence on the subject from the rest of his family, with the honourable exception of his mother and the odd comment from his brother. But it's not much is it?

      In 2016, its hardly terrifically brave to be against homophobic bullying "or any other kind of bullying". Is there anyone at all in the public eye, who is in favour of bullying? And most of the coverage was about him appearing on the cover rather than the subject itself. How about him saying he would be happy if either George or Charlotte grow up to be gay? Or instead of using his position with the FA to attend football matches for free, why doesn't he speak out about the homophobia in football and the woefully inadequate response to it?

      When he does something as brave as his Mother shaking hands with people with AIDS, he might deserve some praise. At the moment, he just seem to be engaging in PR stunts to cover up how little he and his vapid wife do.

  2. Awwwww. He had some queers to tea. Bless! What a Saint! Just like his Mum! etc etc. No danger of him actually doing anything though is there?
    PS Are the customary shirtless pics inside or he no longer of interest to Attitude now that he's bald and over 30?

  3. "King of England"

    Of the UK, actually.