Saturday, 11 June 2016

Dale Winton: Conservative Woman

To get to the final round, here are your subjects; Health Care, The Iran Nuclear Deal, Immigration, The Economy, Jobs and Foreign Policy. The list goes on, but that's not the only reason he's In It To Win It. His attack on political correctness is reason enough, but that's still not it. I'll tell you why. He's fearless and he promises to make his followers safe and prosperous. He loves his country and he'll do his best to protect it from anyone who threatens its constitution.

He's also recognised that the liberal Left and political correctness have bullied us into silence. And there's the rub. You cannot bully Trump and at the same time, he's got your back. That's a safe feeling for the millions of his followers who feel ignored by both parties. They've had enough of the Washington two-step performed by the politicians they've put in power...

Conservative Woman.

Whenever there's an election looming I always ask myself; 'What would Dale Winton do?'

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