Monday, 13 June 2016

Orlando: Clubs

Because it is a minority rite of passage, the unsung gay disco is a special space, furnished with magic beyond the lighting rig and the drinks specials. It is not just about learning the real name of a drag queen or who remixed what; neither is it how to politely bat off the lad with the wandering hands and invite the one you really want to wander somewhere with. The local gay disco is the place where you stop being the odd one out. It is a halfway house, a leap towards building the home that you calls you, a little but not much different from the one you came from. A home built on love.

A cracking piece by the mighty Paul Flynn on Guardian online.

Odd how rare it is to read a gay journalist defending and celebrating the scene, usually it's just slagged off.

Though this could be because so many gay journalists are joyless and uptight middle class nerds.

PS It's followed strangely by a piece by Alexis Petridis on 'how gay clubs shaped music'. Not sure what this has got to do with what happened in Orlando.

PPS Pulse more than just another gay club, USA Today.

PPPS Gay clubs: Patrons treasure a place to feel safe, be oneself - much published Associated Press wire story.

PPPPS Why it matters that it was Latin night at Pulse, Slate.

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