Monday, 13 June 2016

Orlando: Missing

The Daily Mail were alone among British newspapers in not putting the Orlando massacre on their front page today, plumping instead for a combination of good old fashioned racism and royalty (The Daily Star gave it a small space in the bottom left corner).

If you're looking for the story in the print edition, you'll find it on page 10 (ten).

Admittedly this one must be a bit of a mindfuck for right-wing bigots; 'mad muslim kills filthy queers'.

Many also noted with disbelief how BBC News stayed with the Queen's 90th birthday celebration in The Mall.

PS Roy Greenslade in Media Guardian on this 'extraordinary decision'.

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  1. What kind of a human do you have to be to spend 65p on that shit? Her life in jewellery?!?!?! Wtf? Free Earrings!! Just like hers!! Hardly. If I'm sure of anything its that the Queen doesn't wear earrings that are anything like those given away by the Daily Mail. So come on, tell us. Who pays actual money for racism, royalty and right wing propaganda?