Friday, 29 July 2016

Attitude: What Is Point?

One might have hoped after the departure of Matthew 'First they came for the cliches, chemsexers is mental suicidal evils and Russia is very bad and we is all victims cos gay brrzt...' Todd, it might have wised up.

But no.

Is there anyone who writes for this magazine that didn't go to a posh school?

Still, Nick Jonas! Yay!

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  1. i cannot stand any of the media now. all of it drives me nuts. most of it is just filling space. like write me 1000 words on why food is the new laundry.

    "first, they came for our baskets. but then, as we look 10 million years into the luxury of our ancestors, we find a striking pattern. why is it that so many cobobbins manifest themselves so neatly in that area ? we asked a bunch of people who came up with this clueless drivel..."

    we dont have a clue either, so here i will speculate randomly based on my years at college and discussing things at dinner parties. make any sense ? me neither. but, maybe one day the answers will reveal themselves, as so many of us have found, sitting at a campfire like Ray Mears and building a canoe from scratch, for no apparent reason.....

    ed- that'll do.