Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Fagburn: Cold

My story is much too sad to be told
But practically everything leaves me totally cold
The only exception I know is the case
When I'm out on a quiet spree
Fighting vainly the old ennui
And I suddenly turn and see
Your fabulous face...


  1. yes but you should have seen ZZ top at glastonbury on the telly. still rocking out at 107 and 108 years old respectively.

    well i am determined not to watch this THING that has spawned itself on the bbc. i will not, i will not. i would rather watch certain people from certain message boards attempting to play the guitar while dressed in high heels and a tutu. it cant be done i tell you. ergo, i win, hooray, next question.

  2. Some, they may go for cocaine.
    I'm sure that if I took even one sniff
    It would bore me terrifically, too.
    Yet I get a kick out of you.

    --A timely warning against chemsex.

    Paul Brownsey

  3. have you tried chamomile tea ? tai chi ? walking for 10 miles a day in a love induced trance? hating yourself for years on end ?

    this last one i can recommend particularly, infact last time i went to my doctor he said that hating yourself for years on end is how he managed 15 years at medical school and knows such unfathomable amounts about how the human body works.