Friday, 29 July 2016

Tom Daley: Bizarre

Couldn't even by arsed to click on this.

Tom Daley's like a great shag you once had, but you had to stop seeing cos they're as thick as rice pudding.

PS I think striking a pose like the Christ The Redeemer statue before the Rio Olympics is a bit much, dear.


  1. How Can You Abandon Tom At A Time Like This. :(

    i am very upset. i am making a collage of Tom.

    no ive changed my mind. im making a collage of um. er. eh. im making some breakfast hows that.

    1. I hope he does well in the World Sporting Football Cup.

    2. does he play football ? :/

      i find him really strange tbh. but i wouldnt mind being him actually. would make a nice change from being incredibly unfit and ill lol. imagine the clothes, also.

      ive decided, i am going to be him. i hope he doesnt mind. *frantic crunches and other assorted abdominal workouts*