Saturday, 27 August 2016

Attitude: G Is For...



  1. Gullible is a good word. Not one of his dinner dates ever turned him down? Self-loathing is another good word. What appalling message is this? Too much sex makes you violent and turns you into a sad voyeur? Yes and masturbating makes you blind.

    Why are there so many sex hating moralists in the world? If I had a different man every day for a year, it would take me another year before I got rid of the smile on my face.

  2. "Speaking about what the project actually meant, Mischa said it could be interpreted in many different ways.

    He says, “For some, it’s about sexuality; for some, it’s about freedom; for some, it’s about loneliness.” "

    i.e. "I don't have the brains to say anything intelligent about this, but, hey-ho, I got my project done and I'm being called an artist even though I have no skills."