Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Daily Mail: A Skewed Sense Of Values


Constantly updated by Mail Online, we are now on the 'promiscuity pill'.

If, like Cuba, we demanded or made generic drugs, the cost would be negligible.

PS The NUJ has responded to today's Daily Mail front page that refers to HIV medicine as a 'lifestyle drug' under the headline ‘What a skewed sense of values’.

Michelle Stanistreet, NUJ general secretary, said:
"LGBT NUJ members have contacted the union today in response to the Daily Mail’s front page this morning which chose to regurgitate out-dated homophobic tropes that we had hoped had gone away by now.
"It is not just gay men who are affected by HIV and medicine is not a lifestyle choice.
"It is deeply troubling that the Mail continues to pit members of the public against each other when accessing healthcare - the NHS should be adequately funded by the government so it can care for all of us."
Well done the NUJ, my union.

PPS Some interesting letters in The Times (then they start wanking on about Sharia Law and Melanie Phillips again). 

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