Monday, 22 August 2016

Frank Ocean: The Sound Of Silence

Over the past four days, there has been no bigger story in the arts space than Frank Ocean. Thursday night, the elusive artist released a meandering, yet fantastic visual album Endless. An even longer masterpiece Blonde came Saturday, along with a 360-page print publication titled Boys Don't Cry distributed at pop up shops in four major international cities.

However, reading many major gay publications, you wouldn't have any idea that one of the most visible, queer POC artist of our generation — an artist who by many accounts completely changed the game for queer celebrities — had returned.

Neither the Advocate Magazine, Out Magazine, nor the U.K.'s Gay Times covered any of Ocean's recent projects upon their release. Gay Times, which has a music section on its site, hadn't posted a single article on any Ocean-related content until Monday morning, and it eventually came in the form of a short stub about a poem from Ocean's Boys Don't Cry that was gaining coverage across the web. Many fans couldn't help but see this as yet one more piece of evidence in the ongoing conversation surrounding #GayMediaSoWhite...


I don't think it's racism, more that they're not very good at their job.

For the record, several gay media, did write about - and even reprint - his bobbins poem, Boyfriend, today.

And yes, I know I've written next to bum all aboout his comeback so don't write in.

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