Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Gay Star News: Gaytard News

When the Daily Mail published an article criticizing two British divers for their ‘intimate hug’ last week, many said it was clearly homophobic. Others disagreed.

But those people are eating their words as the paper has proven how it responds when two men share intimacy to when a man and a woman does it.

On the Mail’s front page today, it shows British cyclists Laura Trott and Jason Kenny kissing after winning golds in their respective events.

The headline was ‘GOLDEN KISS’.

This is a far cry from when two British divers, Jack Laugher and Chris Mears, won a historic gold in the synchronized 3m springboard.

The headline was then: ‘Steady on chaps! Britain’s victorious synchronized divers hug for joy after winning gold – while China’s bronze medalists settle for a manly pat on the back’.

Gay Star News.

Mail Online is not the Daily Mail, this was obviously a joke, stop being a victim, love.

FFS, you would see 'casual homophobia' on a teabag.

Why is the gay media so thick?

And why are the spectacularly thick ones all called Joe?

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