Friday, 5 August 2016

Orlando Bloom: Penis

Men should not exploit and objectify women. But why is it that when Orlando Bloom’s genitalia finds its way on to the internet there is a distinct dearth of concern for his feelings. If men and women are equal, why does Bloom’s hurt pride matter less?

Does it not matter if Bloom reads a sea of snickering comments about the length, girth and potential uses for his penis? Are we allowed to zoom in and giggle over whether he’s circumcised or not? Can we swap photos on WhatsApp groups? Can we create Twitter memes celebrating the fact we plan to masturbate over the snaps later? Does the fact Bloom is blissfully unaware in all of these shots that he’s been hunted down, snooped upon and caught literally with his pants down, not matter in this case really, because well, he’s a man?

Grace Dent, The Independent.

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