Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Roger Casement: 1916

Roger Casement, anti-imperialist, Irish republican socialist, was hanged by the British state 100 years ago today, after a disgustingly homophobic show trial, just months after the Easter Rising.

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  1. Great man but it wasn't the dairies, which are hoot by the way, that got him hanged. He was a decorated civil servant who collaborated with the German empire during WW1; with good motivations, by the way but nevertheless, he was bang to rights for treason.
    The worst aspect of the whole business is that Irish republicans and the Irish state spent nearly 100 years insisting that the dairies were forgeries, because they could not accept that an Irish patriot would be bang at it and keep a record of such (including cock lengths in inches). He was topped for being a traitor to his class. its not like you to harp on this gay victim shit. x