Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Sex: Bad

Quite dreadful, prurient journalism by Gay Star News - note the clickbait photo, and hopelessly unreliable online survey (Oh a poll by men who log onto the GMFA website, aimed at gay men in London with HIV, that'll be representative) .

Something closer to the facts...

Ian Howley of GMFA told us his thoughts on these stats: “We know that the majority of gay and bisexual men use condoms some of the time. There is an idea out there that everyone doesn’t use condoms, and for a lot of people who responded to this survey this is the case. But many of these men are in long term relationships, or are married/civil partnered or said they were in a monogamous relationship. When you look at these stats, it’s only a small percentage of gay men, who are having lots of unprotected anal sex, who are at a high level of risk. So to say everyone barebacks all of the time is untrue”

GMFA/FS mag.

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  1. And they follow the daft modern fad of using "the majority of" when "most" does perfectly fine. Probably makes them feel intellectual.