Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Spectator: In Denial

Although the Western gay press has understandable historical qualms about Christianity it also has a history of dismissing any and all concerns about Islam. So in the wake of Orlando the gay press was filled not with pieces warning gay people about Islamic gay-hate, but pieces going out of their way to warn people against linking the massacre to Islam or Muslims. In particular there was a flurry of articles warning gay people not to become ‘haters’. Which is only the gay version of a wider Western sickness. You got attacked? Be careful you don’t become a bigot now.

At the weekend I picked up a copy of the UK gay magazine Attitude – a sort of post-Orlando memorial edition – which showed nothing had changed. The aim of the edition was not just to avoid treading on any sore Islamic toes, but to deliberately avoid the subject of Islam. Well these people, as Martin Amis once said in a related context, are disappearing up the fundament of the people who want to kill them. They should enjoy it while it lasts. The fact that a majority of British Muslims want being gay in Britain to be made illegal strikes me as a salient and troubling fact even if I can’t seem to get anyone else interested in the point...

The Spectator.

أوه اللعنة قبالة لك مهبل الجناح اليميني.

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