Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Chris Bryant: Rhondda Y-Fronts

A LABOUR former minister has revealed details of a bizarre email in which he was slated as a politician – before being encouraged to reveal his dating profiles.

Chris Bryant told the House of Commons this afternoon he was labelled “Rhondda Y-fronts” by an admirer, a reference to when he sent a photo of himself wearing only Y-fronts to a gay dating website.

The email initially criticised a television appearance made by Mr Bryant but the writer then quickly changed tack and told the Rhondda MP he fancied him.

Speaking during the second reading of the Digital Economy Bill, he said: “We all know as Members of Parliament that we live in a digital economy because we have so many emails from constituents and others.

“This is not from a constituent but I thought I might share it with the House: ‘Dear Rhondda Y-fronts – just watched you and that other dull dishcloth of an MP on Daily Politics.

“‘You both sum up clearly why Labour will never win an election any time soon – uninspiring, pathetic career politicians with no substance or gravity.

“‘By the way, are you still on Gaydar, Grindr or Scruff? If so, what’s your profile as I quite fancy you.'”

Mr Bryant joked: “Self praise is no praise.”

The Sun.

Once got heavily cruised by Chris in the queue for the loos at The Shadow Lounge. Sadly I only have sex with socialists.

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  1. "...uninspiring, pathetic career politicians with no substance or gravity..." seems like intelligent analysis to me rather than "abuse". Though I am tempted to defer to the judgement of The Sun, as it is so much better qualified on the subject of abuse.

    Amidst all the whining of MPs who can't take criticism, has anyone noticed the death of Free Speech?