Saturday, 24 September 2016

Derren Brown: Any Happier?

His new book, Happy, sounds very interesting, but is it not okay to say I feel sad?


  1. I think his point is that telling yourself you feel sad and thinking to yourself that you be feeling sad merely exacerbates your sadness. I don't think he's saying it's not okay to say you feel sad. Feeling sad is a natural and healthy thing, though, surely? It's an interesting subject, though. Anyone who's taken mood-enhancing drugs knows to expect a period of sadness and dysphoria when coming down from them. Just smiling can lift ones mood... :)

  2. Perhaps he is a very shallow person who never loved his partner.

    However, in his defence it can be said that the quotation attributed to him in the headline never appears in the story. Something that's verbally close to it in the story means something else entirely: it's not about what makes a person sad but about a sad view.