Monday, 19 September 2016

Edward Albee: How Cool?

So loving this photo of Mr Albee.


  1. I think I once read that he originally intended WAOVW to be about two gay couples...

    1. Don't see why not. Both G&M and N&H could be.

      ...Though I found this quotation from him denying it: “The bullshit that Virginia Woolf was about two male couples … every time some damn fool asks you the question because they’ve read it somewhere, you have to sigh and deny it again, they print your sigh and denial, and it perpetuates the falsehood. I don’t know why people don’t pay attention."

      ...Perhaps I'm confusing it with a private reading I once took part in in the US where I was George and I fancied the guy playing Nick and he was gay...

  2. Looks like a flyer for Jump The Gun...