Friday, 9 September 2016

Gay Marriage: Shunned

Mail Online.
That's maybe because it's a rather sensible contract regarding inheritance, and not just some young fool marrying their current fuck buddy and divorcing a year later.


  1. I agree with you on gay marriage but I don't think civil unions are necessary to have a "sensible contract regarding inheritance".

  2. They are probably just silly and don't realise that the two are essentially the same.

    'Civil partnerships can provide a more fuss-free approach, giving same sex couples the opportunity to follow a more practical, contractual route to cement their relationships."

    That's false. You can get married with as little fuss as you can enter into a CP.

    People who won't get married because the m-word causes certain associations (as distinct from the legal reality) to arise in their minds are silly. The latter is a technical term.

  3. In our time, such marriages are not considered as something wrong. In today's world, money plays a big role, so it is a good solution. I once met a woman who I really liked. Our relations are developing rapidly, and I decided that it is necessary to make a serious step. After that, we lived 5 years in a civil marriage. Only after this time, I decided that we were ready to move on. Now we are preparing for our second wedding. It is a matter of time.