Sunday, 11 September 2016

Keith Vaz: If You Are Happy To Out Someone Maybe You Should Be Out?

On a park bench over a ­thousand miles from Westminster sit the two men at the centre of the biggest ­political scandal of the year.

Anxious and shaken by fallout of the past seven days, they are struggling to come to terms with the intense scrutiny prompted by their Keith Vaz revelations.

But they are choosing to break their silence on the storm that led the Labour MP to quit as chair of the powerful Home Affairs Select Committee.

In an exclusive interview, the men Mr Vaz paid for sex accuse the shamed politician of being a “liar and an actor”.

In further allegations the friends said that:

Married father of two Mr Vaz offered to fly them abroad with more escorts.

He offered to pay £50 for each male prostitute the men supplied.

He used code when he texted about sex – referring to it as “painting”.

He said he would employ one of the men as a chauffeur.

The men also vigorously dismissed claims that they had drugged Mr Vaz.

The escorts returned home to Eastern Europe following our ­revelations last week...


Hope they got paid well for this, too.

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  1. 30 pieces of sliver. That's the standard fee isn't it?