Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Keith Vaz: K-K-Katie

We’re asking the wrong question about Keith Vaz, should he stay or should he go?

The real question is actually how tolerant are you?

In truth, we all love a grubby story. It’s the reason you can never get your hands on a copy of the tabloids at BBC Broadcasting House — liberal lefties can’t get enough of them.

We like it when other people are caught being dirty because we feel cleaner about our own lives. Someone else’s affair makes us feel smug in our marriage, horror frocks at the TV Choice Awards making our own wardrobe look pretty classy after all.

But being interesting does not make something in the public interest. Do we really need to know what Keith Vaz gets up to behind closed doors?

Hosting my radio show as the news broke, I said no.

I felt strangely distant from others around me who were titivated by the story, lapping up the gory details, one colleague gloating over this final demise after years of scandal.

It makes no sense coming from me, I know....

Mail Online.

You can say that again.

Even a stopped mad right-wing controversialist clock...

Obsessed much?

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