Friday, 30 September 2016

Ofcom: How Rude

The watchdog found that television viewers and radio listeners were more likely to tolerate swearing if it reflected 'real world' situations. Of the swear words deemed 'milder', the study found they were 'generally of little concern' if used to express strong emotion or as a light-hearted insult.

The Ofcom report said: 'Many of these were thought to be in common use, including in front of children, and therefore mostly acceptable before the watershed.'

Derogatory language used to describe older people, including 'coffin dodger' and 'old bag', was deemed mild and 'not considered problematic by most'. Other words such as ginger or gay were only considered a problem if they were used as a derogatory term.

Viewers were less tolerant of swear words linked to body parts, or of religious insults or racist or homophobic language. The religious terms were included because of their use as expletives, not because of their use in a religious context...

Daily Mail.

Ofcom media release - and their hilarious list of offensive words and gestures from arse to whore.

We get our own list...

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  1. Fucking hilarious! Oops. Who decides that fairy is a lot less offensive than batty boy?