Friday, 23 September 2016

Pride Of Place: Pointless

The homes of Oscar Wilde, Benjamin Britten and Anne Lister, a woman considered the “first modern lesbian”, are being relisted as part of a gay history project undertaken by Historic England.

The heritage organisation has also announced that the grave of Amelia Edwards, a Victorian novelist and Egyptologist, is to be given listed status for the first time.

The listings are the result of a project called Pride of Place. Duncan Wilson, chief executive of Historic England, said buildings and places were witnesses to events that shaped society, but lesbian and gay stories had often been neglected...

If you didn't know Oscar Wilde and Benjamin Britten were gay...



  1. Oscar Wilde wasn't gay, though...

  2. He went to prison for committing sodomy. Just because someone engaged in sex with a person of the same gender doesn't necessarily mean he is "gay." But even more importantly "gayness" is a modern concept.