Monday, 3 October 2016

Attitude: Exciting News!

In no way has the British gay media gone into meltdown.

This may be one reason why Matthew Todd walked last month.

Have the feeling there won't be an issue in 2017.

Could be wrong.

'Stream Publishing’s award-winning contract publishing portfolio includes titles produced for blue-chip clients CityJet, Cunard, Flybe, Hertz, Liberty, McColl’s Retail Group, P&O Cruises, SPAR and Vauxhall‎, as well as the wholly-ownedWinq, the luxury lifestyle magazine for gay men.'

Maybe not.

PS Who the felch would want to read anything after these cover lines?

And who the fuck is Nyle Dmarco?

Sorry, but this looks like patronising 'right-on' tokenism.

£5 for something boring you could read for free in QX!


  1. Out of touch 50yr old white guy can't imagine anyone having different cultural touchstones different to his own shocker! You criticise the gay MSM but you are also part of the problem. #gaymediasowhite #ableism #DisabillityErasure #fuckYouFascist

    1. LOL! As i believe the younglings say. x

      PS I'm not 50. This can not be stressed enough.

    2. Oh and please don't call me a fascist, that's quite silly. x

    3. "you are also part of the problem."

      What problem would that be, exactly?

    4. And it's a bit ironic, you bleat on about isms, then go on about my age. x

    5. Onhy some -isms are fashionable among the silly.