Saturday, 21 January 2017

Tom Daley: Naughty But Nice

OLYMPIC diver Tom Daley told how he ­confessed to his fiancé that he had online sex with another man.

Tom said: “It will never happen again” — after film emerged of him stripping for a cyber romp.
The Olympic diving ace revealed it took place in a ­seven-month split from hubby-to-be Dustin Lance Black.

But he pledged: “This will absolutely never happen again now that we’re getting married.

“The date is set, and we’re raring and ready to go for that wedding now.”

Tom said he and film-maker Dustin, 42, had secretly been “on a break” because of the demands of their long-distance ­relationship when he chatted with other men online and indulged in cyber sex with one.

Tom said he had confessed all to Dustin about his online sex session...

The Sun.

Well I found this shocking!

Because our Tom has always seemed beyond vanilla sexless.

Great to see him being unapologetic and shameless too.; 'I don’t think I've done anything more or less than any other 22-year-old has done.'

The timing is interesting.

The seven month break must mean they were reunited at the Rio Olympics, and that they parted around xmas and the new year a traditional 'I think we need some space' time.

Pure speculation but I wonder if Tom fessed up the day before the semi-finals - cue screaming row - and that's why he fucked up so badly.

And does it shed any light on Lance's mysterious hospitalisation afterwards?

Who, as they say, can say?

PS For the record The Sun's was the only front page today not hogged by Donald Trump. Though a quick Twitter trawl suggests this story has been doing the rounds for yonks. Oh, and I bet Lance has been living a nun-like life in LA.

I've a feeling we may not hear wedding bells. Gay marriage is a sign a relationship is probably doomed.

PPS Tom's in the middle of a publicity blitz pushing his recipe/well-being book, Tom's Daily Plan - many photos, but all clothed. Most dramatically he claimed in the Mail intensive diving training has damaged a disc and he could end up in a wheelchair. Hard to know if this is a real threat - let's hope not - or an attempt to get more space in the press.

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  1. There is a further thing to consider. This news surfaced just at the time that Fagburn was (to our delight) well enough to resume posting.

    Surely that is no concidence. Fagburn's restored technical capabilities, Tom's online hook-up...

    We now know who it was was Tom hooked up with.