Thursday, 16 February 2017

Church Of England: Votes To Reject Controversial Same-Sex Marriage Thing That Nobody Else Cares About Anymore

In a shock move yet not shocking a move the more antiquated and pious members of the Church Of England has voted to persist with its reluctance to ban bear baiting, jousting, trepanning, the Industrial Revolution, slavery and flying on the unnatural EasyJet metal winged birds.

'Progress is bad,' said his royal highness the right hon Dr Justin Welby MB.

'Let us not speaketh about this great heresy again for another five years even if peoplle like watching the new-fangled TV and using electricy - the lightness of the devil.'.

'Now if we will you kindly excuse my, I shall now have to go and try and seperate another of my priests from a choirboy with a crowbarr.'

All: 'Praise be.'


Sotto voce: 'I like your hat.'

''Thanks girl, it's Philip Treacy'

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