Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Advertising: I Saw It In The Adverts

With same-sex marriages legal in the England and Wales as well as certain parts of the US, the issue of how to represent alternative families in marketing campaigns is creeping up the agenda for many big brands.

Brands including Honey Maid and Coca-Cola have already made steps to representing a diverse family, but for Saatchi & Saatchi director of strategy, Richard Huntington, the marketing community still has a long way to go.

Speaking at Mumsnet's Mumstock event in London today, Hunnington said: “The vast majority of the marketing community is petrified of that sort of diversity and it’s a real shame. It’s a battle we’ve been fighting for decades yet our ads still feature white women in kitchens”

“I think it is really upsetting and inappropriate to keep representing a society that doesn’t exist.”

Coca-Cola previously came under fire after featuring a gay wedding scene in its 'Reasons to Believe campaign, Coca-Cola removed them from for an Irish version of the ad...

This Coke ad above is quite pukey.

How do two m-c gay dads show diversity?

PS Mumstock?

Shakespeare: Shall I Compare Thee To Someone Else's Research?

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date.
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature's changing course, untrimmed;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st,
Nor shall death brag thou wand'rest in his shade,
When in eternal lines to Time thou grow'st.
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

PS See if you can tell the difference between Gay Star News 12 things that prove Shakespeare was gay and 11 pieces of evidence that Shakespeare was gay - the first thing that comes up if you Google 'Shakespeare gay'.


Gay journalism - beats working!

Camp: And The Damage Done

In his perceptive [sic] analysis of gay men's attitudes to camp (What Alan Carr taught me about gay men's prejudice, 21 April), Owen Jones suggests that an aversion to it is a form of self-loathing. But for many of us struggling to come out in the 1970s and 80s, it was camp itself which represented self-hatred. Comedians such as John Inman and Larry Grayson personified everything that I did not want to be. They were almost a third sex: grotesque pantomimic creatures, willingly collusive in the mocking laughter of the TV audience. My generation of activists wanted to show people that we weren't all hairdressers or ballet dancers, just ordinary blokes who worked in factories and offices and drove trains and buses...

From an actual letter someone bothered to write to The Guardian.

God, there are some top-flight gaybores out there.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Asylum: Give The Anarchist A Cigarette

BRITISH anarchists are encouraging illegal immigrants to claim they are GAY if they are collared by border officials. *

A Sun investigation found activists in Calais coaching illegals on what lies to tell if they are caught in the UK.

At one meeting, an anarchist ringleader called Joy told a man from Ghana: “If you say ‘I come to England to find work for a better life’ this will be no good — they will deport you.

“Maybe if you say you’re homosexual, then this is a good story to claim asylum — because in Ghana they are going to kill you straight away if you’re homosexual.”

The Sun.

Well done.

Kind hearts like these should be given a medal.

* Why, by the many moons of Jupiter, has The Sun put 'GAY' in caps?

America: Land Of The Free

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A dozen states still have anti-sodomy laws on the books 10 years after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled they are unconstitutional.

One such state is Louisiana, where gay rights groups contend police have used anti-sodomy laws to target gay men. But state lawmakers sided with religious and conservative groups in refusing to repeal the law last week.

Of 14 states that had anti-sodomy laws, only Montana and Virginia have repealed theirs since the Supreme Court ruling, said Sarah Warbelow, legal director for the Human Rights Campaign, a national gay rights organization.

Warbelow says that in addition to Louisiana, anti-sodomy laws remain on the books in Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Utah.

The Supreme Court ruled in Lawrence v. Texas in 2003 that it is unconstitutional to bar consensual sex between adults, calling it a violation of the 14th Amendment.

Last year, police in East Baton Rouge Parish arrested gay men for attempted crimes against nature using the anti-sodomy law in a sting operation that caused a national outcry.

Associated Press.

And 33 states have banned gay marriage.

Meanwhile, back in the USA, right-wing goons and hand-maidens of power like James Kirchick, Michael Lucas, Dan Savage and Queer Nation NY can only protest about Russia.

Boycott AmeriKKKa!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Owen Jones: Homophobia

Our Owen in The Guardian.

There's barely a sentence here that could not be answered with; 'You really have no idea what you're talking about, do you love?'

I could go through them one-by-one, but let's pause for a moment and ponder Mr Jones' premiss that gay men have a problem with camp.


He concludes...

It is much harder – but still necessary – to recognise the homophobia that dwells within the ranks of gay men themselves.

Like in this othering article about all those dreadful gays, dolly?

Maybe we're all too busy sexually assaulting each other at chemsex parties to care.

Or maybe all bisexuals are secretly homophobes 'according to recent made-up research'.


PS Let us never forget Owen - who I think I outed - opened his best-selling book, Chavs: The Demonisation Of The Working Class with an amusing anecdote about him being at a north London dinner party.

Workers' power!

PS Owen Jones once wrote a book with the title 'Chavs. The Demonisation Of The Working Class'. Can any regular viewers see any contradiction here? You know, about the demonisation of gay men and that.

Paul Flowers Watch: All-Night Bender

Escort Dale, 22, last night told The Sun: “I can’t believe he has been so brazen. Most of the bank’s failures are down to him, yet he doesn’t have a care in the world.”

Fagburn has not a scintilla of doubt that Escort Dale, 22, really said this to The Sun.


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sir Cliff Richard: What Difference Does It Make?

“If I was gay would it make any difference?

"The gossip doesn’t really matter to me anymore.

“I have got gay friends. Most people have gay friends. If I was gay would it make any difference? Would you not come to my concerts because I was gay? I hope not”.

Via The Independent.

You may watch the original Australian interview here.

Black Dog: You Are Andrew Pierce And I Claim My £5!

Mail Online.

Fagburn: Whatever

Liam's now doing the songs for the great Sarah Silverman, but, quite frankly, bugger and Google it.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Times: Modern Parenting

Lori Duron describes what it’s like to raise a son who wears dresses and loves pink and Barbie dolls – and explains how she was forced into a fight with his school

The Times.

Let him? I'd bloody make him!!

Holy Saturday: Or Whatever It's Called

Independent Voices: Keep Your Shirt On

A quite ridiculous article by Howard Jacobson that could perhaps only have appeared in the hysterically prudish and puritanical and anti-sex Independent Voices.

It's so barking and tenuous an 'argument' it's hard to summarise, but essentially he manages to go from the Satanic sight of Zac Efron being briefly shirtless at last week's MTV Movie Awards, straight into - I kid you not - the Cyril Smith child abuse cover-up, and then onto sexism in the UK and - with a certain inevitability - Page 3.

An actual thing The Sun did briefly in the 80s.
To be clear: I am not using the sexualisation of Zac Efron’s body to discredit those who complain about the sexualisation of women’s. On the contrary, I consider the one to be the mirror image of the other. The Page 3 girl pinned on a workshop door degrades all parties to its being there: the inanely objectified girl and those who inanely ogle her. And we should not discount the coarsening effects of inanity itself. To trivialise is also to dishonour. Dumb also degrades. Similarly degraded and inane, anyway, are the girls who shout “phwoar” the minute a boy, a man, a Chippendale, a birthday stripper, undoes a button...

Howard surely missed a trick though by not drawing a wobbly line to the silent epidemic of sexual assault on the gay scene Patrick Strudwick warned us about in The Independent last week. 

Or claimed internet porn has turned us into a nation of bum-sniffing feral dogs.

Or said all sex workers are slaves in service to patriarchy.

Regular sententious Indy Voices clichés both.

What a load of utter erotophobic cock.

And as with so much of the bourgeois lemon-sucking joyless journalism on Independent Voices, next time why not save everyone's time and write just two words; 'Sex? Boo!'


Thought For The Day: Lenny Henry

“All of those people in the audience who watch those shows and complain that there aren’t enough black and Asian (people), and gay and women and people with disabilities and transgender… they need to start lobbying, to start writing letters, they need to start emailing.

“At some point soon there’s going to be a campaign and we want everybody to get behind it, write letters to parliament, write letters to government, write letters to your MP and say we think it’s time there was a change.”

Lenny Henry in an interview with The TV Collective, and quoted in The Independent. 

Though if you read their article you'll see that Lenny 'said he wasn't advocating non-payment of the licence fee.'

Well done The Indy!

Wonder how or if the Daily Mail will cover this.

Plus side: A chance to bash the BBC.

Down side: Might get more blacks and gays on TV.

Decisions, decisions...

Sarah Wollaston: Blogger Off

A prominent Tory backbencher has hit out at “aggressive male bloggers” who, she claims, target female MPs.

Sarah Wollaston said that certain parts of the political blogosphere were “quite aggressive in their approach towards women”, particularly when discussing sexual violence or gender. “If you stick your head above the parapet you can expect some quarters of the aggressive blogging community to go for you,” she said.

Dr Wollaston, the Totnes MP, faced a barrage of criticism last week after Nigel Evans, the deputy speaker, was cleared of a string of sex charges. One of the alleged victims was in a Westminster bar with the former GP when an “off-the-cuff” remark about an alleged assault triggered a sequence of events that led to the court case. Dr Wollaston was contacted by a second man — a friend of the first — who alleged that he had been raped.

The MP listened to their complaints and took them to John Bercow, the Speaker, who said that he could not help. She then passed on police contact details to the alleged victims, who contacted the officers, prompting the arrest last year of Mr Evans.

The acquittal of the MP for Ribble Valley led to accusations that Dr Wollaston had put pressure on the accusers to complain. She responded with an article entitled “Why am I being blamed for Nigel Evans sex case?” in which she argued that she had an ethical duty to take their claims seriously...

She singled out The Daily Telegraph writer Dan Hodges, the libertarian blog Guido Fawkes, and the Tory publisher and writer Iain Dale, saying that she had been reading their “really quite aggressive attacks” about her handling of the allegations...

Let's have a look at what those really quite aggressive bullying male bloggers wrote...

Poor lay-out though.
OR  N?
Iain Dale, Conservative Home “She no doubt felt she was exercising a duty of care towards the man who cried rape. She clearly believed his story, but today she must also be asking herself if she acted properly throughout this sorry saga.”

Dan Hodges, The Daily Telegraph “Partly because of her actions, a wholly innocent man had his reputation destroyed and his career ruined and now faces crippling debts to cover the cost of his legal fees”

Paul Staines, Guido Fawkes “Did she, as Evans implies, have an ulterior motive? [She said:] ‘I reject that idea entirely.’ Many of Wollaston’s colleagues disagree...”

NB Out of these three men at least two are gay and two are Tories. Just putting that out there...

Archbishop Of Canterbury: You Don't Understand, This Is All About Me!!!

'Saturday's Telegraph headline appears to be "Justin Welby: Why same-sex marriage is all about me, not loving couples"' @TheStevenThomas

The Archbishop of Canterbury has suggested he is powerless to provide blessings for gay marriages because to do so would split the global Anglican Church.

In an interview with The Telegraph, the Most Rev Justin Welby says that the Church had probably caused “great harm” to homosexuals in the past — but there was not always a “huge amount” that could be done now to rectify the situation.

Although indicating that he was sympathetic to calls for the Church to publicly honour gay relationships, the Archbishop says that it is “impossible” for some followers in Africa to support homosexuality. In the interview, the leader of the Anglican Church, which has 77 million followers globally
[sic], speaks movingly of the persecution faced by Christians in parts of the world. He indicates that the Church must not take a step that would cut off these groups, most of them in the third world, however much this angers parts of society in Britain...

Welby claims he was misquoted when he spoke about this a fortnight ago - even though he said it in a radio interview.

Here's the Telegraph's story.

Friday, 18 April 2014

The Normal Heart: Beats At Last

Here's the full trailer for HBO's adaptation of Larry Kramer's play The Normal Heart
Directed by Ryan Murphy of the rather different Glee fame, and starring Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons and Julia Roberts, it airs on May 25th in the US.
Awards ceremonies here we come!

• And here's a very thorough article from Hollywood Reporter on the 30-year saga to get the movie made.

British Pathé: Fashion Goes Gay!

Newsreel archive British Pathé has uploaded its entire collection of 85,000historic films, in high resolution, to its YouTube channel. This unprecedented release of vintage news reports and cinemagazines is part of a drive to make the archive more accessible to viewers all over the world...

British Pathé.

This clip above is about a Dale Cavana men's fashion show in London in 1951.

Fagburn also enjoyed Soho Goes Gay from 1955 - made before that perfectly nice word was stolen, though some of these local characters look rather intriguing.

'But that's Soho, where you meet someone different every few yards!'

I'll let you know if I come across any more gems.

There goes the weekend...

Rev Richard Coles: Oops!

This is Reverend Richard Coles. He has more than 57,000 followers on Twitter.

He used to be in 80’s band The Communards, before he swapped the world of pop for the pulpit.

The Church of England priest is also a regular host of BBC Radio 4′s Saturday Live programme.

This morning, Good Friday, he was up early tweeting a modern take on the Stations of the Cross.

However, the Rev later apologised after inadvertantly directing his followers to a porn website.


Richard Coles does have a very good defence - the website linked to was an exclusively heterosexual 'dating site', the daintily named Local Slappers, which I think we can be sure he doesn't use. 

PS Remember this incident that did involve a man of the cloth and an unfortunate gay porn accident?

Mail Online: From The Message Boards

A new Tumblr called Boyfriend Twin is gaining attention for featuring photos of gay couples in which the men look nearly identical - so much so that they could even be related.

The site bears the tagline ‘Because what’s sexier than dating yourself?’ and was started by an anonymous blogger who wants to drum up conversation about attraction, narcissisim, and sexuality.

Couples submit their own photos to the site for consideration, and as the blog’s founder told SF Gate: ‘Some of the photo submissions have been so twincestuous that I’ve had to email back just to verify that the people in the photo are not actually related.’

He added: ‘I’m happy that the Tumblr page has begun a conversation about attraction, narcissism and exhibitionism and personally, I enjoy seeing all the proud and handsome gay couples willing to share their relationship with the world.’

Many couples submit photos of themselves in matching outfits, including a couple in a green gingham shirt and boat shoes, and another in white cargo shorts and V-neck black T-shirts.

All of the couples are featured on the site anonymously.

Mail Online have finally found about this BOYFRIENDTWIN Tumblr which has been doing the virtual rounds for a week or so. 

Not exactly sure why the Mail have run it, but it's certainly made their readers happy...

Disturbing * Ugh that's really kinda sick * Creepy. * kind of creepy * creepy * Wow. Who knew? Its creepy tho * creepy * Hurl! * Actually, double hurl! * Gives new meaning to the expression: "Go F--- Yourself". * creepy * Main point is that they do not look much like each other at all, except for facial hair and clothes, creepy and crap at the same time * creepy * Disgusting * GROSS ... * *gag* * I'm not sure how to respond to this... * Guys with guys, how adorable...NOT! * And it's when I read stories like this I think: Lord, it's time to pull the plug on humanity. Bring on judgment day and clear out all this filth! * Sick'n'sicker.... * Eeeeuuuu. * Gag. Does this Godless wickedness have no shame?* What a sick world it has become. Promoting this filth if wrong on every level. * I agree, and I hope that I don't have to say goodbye to opposite sex attractions :( Which are beautiful, normal, and romantic. May our generation never forget those... Though, they might, if the LGBT keeps pushing this. * Creepy... * Twisted. * Sorry you had to see this Lord. * Vomit * Vile !! * That is creepy !!

Tom Daley: A Work Of Art

A portrait of Tom Daley by Conor Collins made out of homophobic tweets he received when he came out.

PS Dustin Lance Black's sex photos get him disinvited from college speaking engagement - Queerty. It's unclear if DLB had been officially invited to speak at his old college.

Let's hope Dustin doesn't caught up in this big Hollywood gay sex scandal.

Update: Told ya!

Good Friday: Happy Easter!

Easter's becoming like Christmas, we only really do it for the kids.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Happy: From Gaza

Have a happy bank holiday weekend.
مسرور, بهيج, سعيد, فرح, مؤات, مبتهج, محظوظ, جذل


Patrick Strudwick: Himself A Victim

A spectacularly stupid article by Britain's leading gay hysteric, Patrick Strudwick ('himself a victim of such behaviour'), in The Independent.

Reports of the [Nigel Evans] trial picked up that the accusers "did not consider themselves victims". And the verdict was clear – Evans was found not guilty. It called to mind, however, innumerable young men I have met on the gay scene over the last 20 years, men who have been abused but who do not consider themselves victims, do not attach words such as "rape" or "sexual assault" to their experiences, do not feel able to wield consent, and do not think they can complain, or report it...

Eh? Maybe, y'know, they said they didn't consider themselves victims because they didn't actually consider themselves victims, you professional victim.

Earlier this week, I asked on Facebook [!] for gay men's attitudes and experiences of non-consensual sexual acts. I was inundated with responses. Some spoke of the mild end of the spectrum. "There have been a few times when a snog has been forced upon me," says Liam, 31, who said that, in those instances, he laughed and pushed them off, adding: "I know very few people who would actually make a fuss. I don't want to offend anyone."

The story of another man, in his twenties, conveys the confusion over how to categorise such experiences. "Some dude kept grabbing my neck. I told him politely to go away and he kept doing it, then touching my bum, following me to the toilet, to the point where I told him to fuck off. It's like, because it's a gay club, you have to shag everything. Wasn't an assault but was non-consensual."

The first person to comment under my Facebook status said: "Someone touching you up or grabbing your arse etc without consent isn't assault, how ridiculous."

Isn't it? But wait, Smugtwit has the law on his side!

PS Independent April 21st.
The Sexual Offences Act 2003 states that a sexual assault occurs if "he (A) intentionally touches another person (B), the touching is sexual, B does not consent to the touching, and A does not reasonably believe that B consents".

Another respondent agreed: "We've all been touched up occasionally – if you're not interested, you just slap their hand away."

For many gay men, derided and dehumanised by a hostile culture, and then steeped in the values that have surrounded them in a counter-culture built on trauma, someone touching a private part of their body, uninvited, becomes normality, not an assault, with the onus on them to deal with it. The results can be devastating.

The full horror of our rapey gay culture exposed, there.

I guess Mr Strudwick wants cops to start patrolling our clubs, arresting anyone being too fruity?

This is one of those all-too familiar articles about the gay scene, that will be unrecognisable to anyone familiar with the gay scene, but will horrify those - like the author - who know fuck all about it.

And, once more, we see that the best way to sell a feature about gay men to a national newspaper is to massively exaggerate a problem, and pathologise gay men.

Give us your white straight middle-classes, yearning to be oppressed.

What a fucking idiotic hysterical dickwad.

Some headless gay men getting ready to sexually assault each other.

PS I asked a gay man who works in the House of Commons if the descriptions of drunken gay debauchery at Westminster bars sounded recognisable.

No, the worst behaviour I have seen in bars in parliament is from straight people. The vast majority of gay MPs are 'married' and very boring. And those are the ones getting emails from constituents asking about "gay orgies".

Still waiting for Channel 4 News to answer my query about their Sexminster 'survey' of 70 people.

Update: This email just in!

Our Managing Editor has requested I respond to you per below.

“The survey work on the “Palace of Sexminster” investigation was undertaken by the Channel 4 News investigative unit and was conducted over a period of time building up trust with the individuals. They were all people who are currently working within parliament and were considered to be a representative sample including both men and women.”

I hope that this answers your query.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely

Catherine Chapman
Channel4 News

Not really, no. My main gripe remains; the sample is so small - and self-selected - it's totally unscientific.

Letter Of The Day: The Times

Thanks to Mark. x

PS Is there a word for that sinking feeling when you post or RT something then realise half the country has, too?

PPS Also from today's Times...

The Sun: Sex Trial MP Hope To Marry

The Sun.

The quotes have been lovingly lifted from this interview with the Lancashire Telegraph.

PS In her Daily Express column, Ann Widdecombe, defends Nigel Evans et al - but then goes on to defend gay cure therapy.

Daily Mail: Bingo!

The Daily Mail must be wetting themselves over this one - it's got it all going on!

But what do Mail Online readers think about this TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE?

'I don't want to waste time on deportation, absolute waste of funds. Bring back HANGING.' etc etc...

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Michael Alig: Free At Last?

Club kid founder Michael Alig is to be released from jail on May 5, according to sources in the know. A check of official prison site by Alig friend Victor Corona confirmed the news. Alig, of course, has been serving time for the murder and dismemberment of drug dealer Angel Melendez on March 17,1996. He has been eligible for parole since 2006, but has been denied until now. The release, although not a surprise, has sent waves through a community who knew him and loved him, as well as those who knew him and hated him. He will be staying with a close friend, and has been recruited for creative jobs by many. His transition to the real world will be eased by a support group who, for the most part, have stuck by him for more than a decade and a half. Michael has never used a computer or cellphone but he has remained keenly aware of the world we live in. There is no chance that he will return to clubs as a way of life, but he will paint and write, and as always, try to impact the way we think...

Sarah Wollaston: Great Mysteries Of Our Time

Daily Telegraph.

Why on earth, Dr Sarah? Why on earth?

There soon came a reply from Dan Hodges on Telegraph blogs...

Oh yeah, I forgot about that bit.

Tweets Of The Day: Alan Carr

Gay Shit News

So up yours, gaybores!

PS For the record PETA's veep Dan Mathews is a screaming pansy.

Paul Flowers: Vultures

“There is a phrase for some people, they call them vultures, and I really do hope that somebody quotes me on that, especially the BBC. The BBC have been really nice to me but the rest of you are vultures.”

The Times.

Paul Flowers addresses the good gentlemen of the press after being charged with possession of some very naughty drugs.

'They'll trip you up and laugh when you fall...'

PS The Daily Mail are not happy!

Scroll down for video!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Comment: Do Straight People Still Need Straight Bars?

Earlier this month, BBC News’ Elizabeth Hotson posted a silly little article entitled, in a mildly insulting snarky little tone, Do gay people still need gay bars? It was clumsily written and badly researched. Now I’ve been suspicious of the BBC’s coverage of LGBT issues ever since 2009, when they posted an article about gay executions in Uganda with the gobsmacking byline “Should homosexuals face execution?” I KNOW RIGHT?! I FUCKING KNOW. In fact whenever they cover LGBT issues (if they cover them at all, which they often don’t), they’ve always seemed to me a bit sour and a bit grossed out by it all.

Anyway, the approach this article takes is that, with growing social acceptance our community has shed its leather harness and put on a nice sweater, in a seamless assimilation into mainstream society. Rendering gay clubs redundant. “Now, in 2014, with an equal age of consent for gay and straight sex and same sex marriage, is it still a relevant to have specifically gay spaces?” asks annoyingly gushy Elizabeth Hotson.

Well no of course it’s not fucking “relevant” Elizabeth. Nothing’s relevant. Topshop’s pretty bloody irrelevant, but they’ve made millions of pounds, euros and dollars by underpaying sweatshop workers to make Aztec-print leggings (although I do really like Topshop actually, I’m wearing a Topman dolphin t-shirt as we speak. Ten quid. Bargain).

Do gay people still need gay bars? No obviously not. We can have a dance and a drink in our own living rooms, and we can get sex via Grindr or by, like, socialising and talking to people out in the world. But we want gay bars. They’re insane and overpriced and superficial and debauched and they’re brilliant.

I think the question we should be asking here is “do straight people still need straight bars?” Well do they?


Dylan B Jones, Vada Magazine

Great stuff..

PS Here's the latest installment of the Dylan & Jack podcast. Enjoy!

Thailand: Birthday Surprise


More Fucking Rainbows: Kill Me Now!

An actual ad on Gay Star News!

See also gay jeans that turn rainbow!

At least the latter has a trace of irony while robbing you blind.

The banalification and commodification of gay life is now complete - you may return to your homes.

Jones/Pierce: Twitter Bitch Fight Of The Week

Via Guido Fawkes.


The increasingly pious Owen Jones has cried homophobia over some of the comments - but what do you expect from the right-wing cunts who post on there?

And she's been accused of far worse on there...

Fagburn: Today, Nothing

Some days the gay news is just too exciting for comment...

Richard Littlejohn: Makes You Proud To Be British

Daily Mail.

Good to see you supporting a gay man's right to cruise, Richard!

The Conservative MP caught in flagrante delicto was Ian Harvey.

Here's Matthew Parris on Harvey - Mr Parris is of course something of an expert on former Tory MPs fond of late night strolls in London's parks.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Musto/Hofler: The 10 Gayest Movies Ever Made!

The reason these works were so gay is that even if they only included quick images or coded references, they were revolutionary at the time, moving things well into the future with their groundbreaking sexuality. And some of them were less apologetic than others, blazing trails with LGBT wildness that hasn’t necessarily been topped (or even bottomed) all these decades later.

Robert Hofler—the critic who’s written books about gay Hollywood figures Rock Hudson and Allan Carr—knows this topic better than anyone. His recently released book Sexplosion: From Andy Warhol To A Clockwork Orange, How a Generation of Pop Rebels Broke All The Taboos is a well received study of the fiery, liberating culture that seized audiences from 1968 to ’73, when we were all either young or unborn. I asked Hofler for his 10 gayest films, and he obliged, also supplying background information and other welcome accessories. So take off your 3D glasses and let’s dance into the time tunnel of social tumult and other earthly delights. Here are the big 10...

Michael Musto via The Advocate.

I won't spoil the magic - so read on here...

Fagburn: That's Enough Gay Tories!

Fagburn's had enough of writing about gay Tories this month.

Let's just remember the good old days when the Conservative Party was a queen-free zone.

Nigel Evans: Oops!

Thanks to Stewart. x

Here's Mr Evans' voting record on key bills.

PS Iain Dale is doing an half hour interview with Nigel Evans at 5pm on LBC - trust gay Tory Iain will ask gay Tory Nigel about this.

PPS You can watch Evans/Dale here. Watching an interview on the wireless - how modern!