Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Richard Smith: Seduced And Abandoned

Great to see Bloomsbury Academic Collections reprinting Seduced And Abandoned: Essays On Gay Men And Popular Music - surely one of the most thrilling books about homosexual culture of modern times.

Richard Smith's meant to be a complete cunt though.

Manchester Pride: A Fucking Pink Train

Sadly, Pink News appear to have deleted my comment; 'This is great news for gaytards!'

And one that said it looks like a little girl's toy, which seems a bit censorious.

It must be soul-destroying having to write about stuff like this when you can't say; 'What a load of pointless, patronising pink shit.'

Oscar Wilde: Your Actual France

Paris will hold its first major exhibition on the life and work of Oscar Wilde next month, co-curated by his grandson.

Wilde, who spoke fluent French, was an ardent Francophile who regularly visited the city, eventually dying there in 1900, having been hounded out of England after his conviction for homosexuality. His tomb, in Paris’s Père Lachaise cemetery, is now a place of pilgrimage.

Yet the centenary of Wilde’s death – aged just 46 – was not celebrated in France, even though London honoured him with two exhibitions in 2000, at the British Library and the Barbican Centre. The Irish novelist, playwright and poet has only now been given full cultural recognition.

Wilde’s grandson Merlin Holland, who lives in France, told the Guardian: “There has never been a major Paris exhibition on Oscar. Everybody is now saying, ‘well, why not?’ Oscar is going to be plastered all over the Metro and the buses. I think the French are quite surprised … that they never thought of doing this before.” ...


  The Petit Palais exhibition, Oscar Wilde: Insolence Incarnate, runs from September 28th to January 15th.

Cliff Richard: Back For Good

Good news.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Langston Hughes: Looking For...

A long essay on Guardian Online about the Harlem Renaissance poet, Langston Hughes, that stunningly doesn't so much as mention in passing he was gay - something pretty central to his life and work.

Quiz: Are You Being Served?

 Question: Is this from the Daily Sport or Pink News?

Answer: It's from Pink News!

The phrase 'avoids pussy' is of their own invention - no-one said it, or used the word 'pussy', so why is it in quotation marks?

This is childish, sexist and homophobic trash.


Monday, 22 August 2016

Naked Attraction: Hands Knees And Bumpsadaisy.

Channel 4's Naked Attraction is billed as 'A daring new dating series that starts where some good dates might end - naked.'

Yes, this really should be on Channel 5.

Tonight it was The Gays turn, their bodies were judged by 'Dan - who thinks the only thing missing in his life is the love of a good man.'

First Dan saw the four contestants' feet, legs and dicks - though they were flaccid, thus rendering the exercise pointless.

Then bums, chests, and finally their faces.

Dan was very polite, claiming he was making his decisions on body hair, and not that they were practically dickless, fat or fugly.

And boy were they fugly.

A joyless reminder of how sexless this nation is, if nothing else.

Watch on 4OD.

Prick Up Your Ears: Oh Joe

John Lahr’s 1978 biography of the playwright Joe Orton may seem an unlikely choice for a book to give you hope. After all, Orton’s success was not only a long time coming (a decade of abject failure was crowned by a six-month spell in prison for defacing library books), but when it did finally arrive in 1964 (with the West End production of Entertaining Mr Sloane) it lasted only until 9 August 1967. It was brought to a bloody and premature end by his long-term lover, Kenneth Halliwell, who bludgeoned Orton to death with a hammer before taking his own life. Orton was only 34 years old.

Yet, it is these early years of struggle and anonymity that make Orton’s life story such a fascinating and, yes, inspirational read... 

Guardian Books.

Alan Bennett's Prick Up Your Ears (sorry about the Spanish subtitles) is probably Fagburn's favourite 'gay film'.

For a great gay reclamation of Joe, see Simon Shepherd's Because We're Queers.

Oh, did I ever tell you I've been to the flat...

Born This Way: Probably Not

● The understanding of sexual orientation as an innate, biologically fixed property of human beings — the idea that people are “born that way” — is not supported by scientific evidence.

● While there is evidence that biological factors such as genes and hormones are associated with sexual behaviors and attractions, there are no compelling causal biological explanations for human sexual orientation. While minor differences in the brain structures and brain activity between homosexual and heterosexual individuals have been identified by researchers, such neurobiological findings do not demonstrate whether these differences are innate or are the result of environmental and psychological factors.

● Longitudinal studies of adolescents suggest that sexual orientation may be quite fluid over the life course for some people, with one study estimating that as many as 80% of male adolescents who report same-sex attractions no longer do so as adults (although the extent to which this figure reflects actual changes in same-sex attractions and not just artifacts of the survey process has been contested by some researchers)...

Lawrence S Mayer PhD, Sexuality And Gender: Findings From The Biological, Pyschological And Social Sciences.

Frank Ocean: The Sound Of Silence

Over the past four days, there has been no bigger story in the arts space than Frank Ocean. Thursday night, the elusive artist released a meandering, yet fantastic visual album Endless. An even longer masterpiece Blonde came Saturday, along with a 360-page print publication titled Boys Don't Cry distributed at pop up shops in four major international cities.

However, reading many major gay publications, you wouldn't have any idea that one of the most visible, queer POC artist of our generation — an artist who by many accounts completely changed the game for queer celebrities — had returned.

Neither the Advocate Magazine, Out Magazine, nor the U.K.'s Gay Times covered any of Ocean's recent projects upon their release. Gay Times, which has a music section on its site, hadn't posted a single article on any Ocean-related content until Monday morning, and it eventually came in the form of a short stub about a poem from Ocean's Boys Don't Cry that was gaining coverage across the web. Many fans couldn't help but see this as yet one more piece of evidence in the ongoing conversation surrounding #GayMediaSoWhite...


I don't think it's racism, more that they're not very good at their job.

For the record, several gay media, did write about - and even reprint - his bobbins poem, Boyfriend, today.

And yes, I know I've written next to bum all aboout his comeback so don't write in.

Chris Denning: The Walton Hop

Disgraced Radio 1 DJ Chris Denning has pleaded guilty to 21 historical child sex offences as part of a police investigation into a youth disco.

The prolific paedophile, 75, admitted abusing 11 children, some as young as eight, between 1969 and 1986.

He pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court in London to 21 sexual offences, including indecent assault of men and boys and inciting boys under 16 and 14 to commit acts of gross indecency.

The offences relate to an investigation by Surrey Police, named Operation Ravine, into alleged sexual offences connected to the Walton Hop Disco, a teenage disco which ran from 1958 until 2001...


Walton Hop by the mighty Luke Haines.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Tweet Of The Day: Milo

Here's the story (of a man named Milo).

Tragically, Milo was recently permanently banned from Twitter for being a racist, misogynist and lesbophobic cunt.

MY and Ann Coulter - but which is which?

On This Day: 21st August 1966

Stonewall gets all of the press. Lore has it that it is the very first time in modern history that the LGBT community physically fought back against police harassment. Lore is wrong.

Until some very recent development began to take hold in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, it has always been an impoverished neighborhood, home to the transient and the marginalized. Polk Street, between Ellis and California Streets, was the heart of the gay community in the 1960s. Turk Street, to the south and east, was home to the transgender/transsexual community. Because cross-dressing was illegal in San Francisco, gay bars often didn’t welcome transgender and transsexual people out of fear of being raided by police. What’s more, and because it was extremely difficult for transwomen to hold a job, many of them turned to prostitution and drugs. Rounding out the Turk Street population was a host of homeless LGBT youth, drag queens, prostitutes and hustlers.

At the corner of Taylor and Turk streets stood Gene Compton’s Cafeteria, a twenty-four hour restaurant and one of the few places that the people of Turk Street could go to get out of the weather and the violence on the street, and get a cheap meal or grab a cup of coffee between tricks. It was also the meeting place for Vanguard, a radical queer youth group established by Glide Memorial Methodist Church.

In the Spring of 1966, new management arrived at Compton’s, and they began to make life difficult for the hustlers, transwomen and homeless youth who spent a lot of time there but very little money. By summertime, Compton’s hired security guards and began calling the police to clear out the restaurant. Vanguard responded with a picket on July 18, but Compton’s policy of harassment and discrimination continued...

From the excellent Box Turtle Bulletin daily maiil-out.

Tom Daley: Just Because

A Christian advocacy group has sparked outrage by suggesting Tom Daley's disappointing Olympic performance was due to his sexuality.

Christian Voice, which bills itself as a "lobby group praying for national repentance" took to Twitter after the Plymouth diver failed to qualify for the final of the men's 10 metre diving contest.

The group said: "Turning gay doesn't seem to have done Tom Daley any favours at Rio 2016."

They later added: "And we need to remember that Tom Daley only went gay because he was seduced by an older man."

Plymouth Herald.

Christian Voice is not a 'group' - it's one man, Stephen Green.

Update: Ian Dale confronts the cunty Green on LBC.

Lou Pearlman: 1954-2016

Founder Backstreet Boys and N-Sync, pederast, businessman, convicted fraudster.


John Grant: My Actual Culture

Bit highbrow and esoteric, love.

Ian McKellen: Not The Lord Of The Wedding Rings

Sunday Mirror.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Football: Vile

An old tweet from the Burnley striker, Andre Gray, unearthed today.

Update: He's so, so sorry. 

But can you forgive her?

Tom Daley: Out


PS Re-watching the ITV documentary, Diving For Gold - heartbreaking to think how much this meant to him.

My poor boy.

Art: Aids America

No one has a fully convincing theory as to why gay men are so overrepresented among artists, writers and performers. But we are and, in the 1980s and early 1990s, Aids scythed through the American cultural landscape, wiping out a generation of creators and inspired others to mourn, memorialize, organize and fight back. Art Aids America, an exhibition on view at the Bronx Museum of the Arts, revisits those harrowing, death-trailed years, and argues that Aids changed the course of art history, not only through its casualties but through the response it galvanized. (The show was first seen at the Tacoma Art Museum, in Washington state.) It is far from a perfect exhibition, but it is a powerful one....


Friday, 19 August 2016

Peter Tatchell: Useful Idiot

And to think some people believe Peter Tatchell is a CIA stooge...

Saint Peter - fearless defender of American imperialism!

Tom Daley: Your Biggest Fans

Lorca: 1936

Federico Garcia Lorca was executed by Spanish fascist 80 years ago today - shot twice in the arse for being queer.

The Indepedent takes you on a tour of his hometown, Granada.

I've been in his bedroom.

Owen Jones Watch: Reach For The Sky

Is this a victory for Owen 'Hic' Jones (or more likely completely unrelated).

PS Despite what the video pic might suggest it's Mark Longhurst who's going.

Frank Ocean: Endless

Every media pretends to love Frank Ocean. Every media pretends to love Frank Ocean. Every media pretends to love Frank Ocean...

Chelsea Manning: Going Out

What a bizarre choice of illustration.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Cancer: Losing My Religion

My treatment will most likely leave me infertile, and as a gay 20-year-old, I hadn’t thought too much about my desire to have children just yet, so this news is a little unsettling. I’ve long understood that I’ll never procreate in a typical heterosexual relationship, but the sense of being “incomplete” because you’re unable to procreate in the usual way is something a lot of patients talk about. I spent some time discussing infertility with a Muslim patient who was on my ward and, to him, losing the ability to procreate has disrupted his expected family plans, and makes him feel he’s letting his parents down. Another patient I spoke to was concerned about what future girlfriends would say about his manhood.

Cancer has made me rethink what masculinity means to me and others, and I’ve had to adapt to suit this temporary identity. I am less independent, but more driven than ever. While cancer seems to change and compromise the identity of many men, what really needs to change is our understanding of what it means to be a “real man”.

Beautiful, moving piece in The Guardian by Dean Eastmond.

Oh cancer FUCK YOU!

Floods: Hate

The Sun.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Gay Star News: Gaytard News

When the Daily Mail published an article criticizing two British divers for their ‘intimate hug’ last week, many said it was clearly homophobic. Others disagreed.

But those people are eating their words as the paper has proven how it responds when two men share intimacy to when a man and a woman does it.

On the Mail’s front page today, it shows British cyclists Laura Trott and Jason Kenny kissing after winning golds in their respective events.

The headline was ‘GOLDEN KISS’.

This is a far cry from when two British divers, Jack Laugher and Chris Mears, won a historic gold in the synchronized 3m springboard.

The headline was then: ‘Steady on chaps! Britain’s victorious synchronized divers hug for joy after winning gold – while China’s bronze medalists settle for a manly pat on the back’.

Gay Star News.

Mail Online is not the Daily Mail, this was obviously a joke, stop being a victim, love.

FFS, you would see 'casual homophobia' on a teabag.

Why is the gay media so thick?

And why are the spectacularly thick ones all called Joe?

Iraq: Only You

I don’t like being known as the ‘only gay Iraqi activist’”, Amir Ashour says...


Ben-Hur: Different Time, Different Time

Toby Kebbell, who plays Messala in the latest adaptation, said the 1959 version - which won a record 11 Oscars - was made at a time when "the gay context was very important".

Claims of homosexual overtones in 1959's Ben-Hur emerged after the late screenwriter Gore Vidal said the title character - played by Heston - and Messala - played by Stephen Boyd - were former lovers.

Heston dismissed the claim.

Speaking at the premiere in Los Angeles, Kebbell said: "It wasn't something we avoided but it wasn't something we had.

"In 1959, the gay context was very important. They needed a voice. You shouldn't have to hide in the dark about something you feel and you're grown with.

"That was their own thing they wanted to portray and we didn't need to. It's a different time, thankfully."...

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Queerty: Reddit And Wept

Why does Queerty keep posting these rocking horse crap stories from Reddit?

Note how their readers point out they're clearly bolox.

Gay journalism!

Eddie Izzard: Vs A Loon

A man accused of hurling homophobic abuse at comedian Eddie Izzard claims he was beaten up by two gay men in a revenge attack in Soho, a court has heard.

Jamie Penny, 24, allegedly threatened to ‘do’ the 54-year-old funnyman’s house in Hugh Street, Pimlico, central London, on 3 April.

Penny’s temper is said to have flared when Izzard refused him and a friend a lift in his 1958 Volkswagen Beetle .

A month later he saw the stand-up again in nearby Gillingham Street and branded him a ‘f***ing poofter’, it is claimed.

He is now charged with two counts of using threatening and abusive words or behaviour...


Now, I'm not a psychologist, but I sense this man may be a complete lunatic.

Harry Potter: Queerbaiting

Last week’s release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the script of the new story from JK Rowling’s beloved wizard, caused the expected stir – but for reasons unanticipated. As the text landed in bookshops around the world, accusations began flying as readers debated whether the two young characters – Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter – were an example of “queerbaiting”.

Queerbaiting is a term that exists mostly in fan communities, and refers to the writers or creators of a world (whether of a movie franchise, a book series, or a TV show) using injections of homoeroticism and romance to draw an audience seeking LGBTQ representation, while not alienating a wider audience who may not want to see a gay relationship depicted. Think of the term “bromance” – a dynamic that employs romantic tropes, all the while not actually fulfilling them.

Accusations of queerbaiting are more commonly directed towards television than books: TV shows such as House, Supernatural and Rizzoli & Isles have all been singled out, while recent depictions of “confirmed bachelors” Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have also been accused of dabbling in manipulative homoeroticism...

Guardian Books Blog Daftness.

There's billions of people on the internet, some are guaranteed to be quite bonkers.

Pink News: Never Knowingly Known To Question Anything

A comforting illusion - do you want a list of ridiculous things 'studies have found'?

We could start with 'Disco music turns mice gay' then proceed for 89 years.

Ooh, hang on, here are some 'experts'!

Who could possibly doubt them, THEY ARE EXPERTS!!


Pink News, where every day is bring your child to work day.

Lewis Hamilton: The Real Reason

Presented without comment.

Grindr: Fashion

Someone's getting a bit over-excited at The Times.