Saturday, 25 October 2014

Thought For The Day: Graham Norton

"You meet those men who are very, very fey, and you assume that they’re gay and then you discover, ‘Oh my God, you’re straight!’ There are just some men who are a bit light in their loafers. And then, you’re right, there is a chosen bit of it: ‘Oh, look at her,’ and all that, that’s learnt stuff. But you see little boys, and for Christmas they want a pink bicycle with a basket, and that’s not learnt.”

The Times - great interview.

Shoot credits

Photographed at the Milestone Hotel in London (
Styling: Prue White
Grooming: Shukeel Murtaza at Phamous using Bumble and Bumble
Pyjamas, £264, and red dressing gown, £728, both Derek Rose (; gold dressing gown, £1,850, New & Lingwood (
Nike the dog from A-Z Animals

Friday, 24 October 2014

Diana Ross & The Supremes: Someday We'll Be Together

Reasons why this is the greatest record ever made.

1. The other Supremes, Cindy and Mary, don't actually sing on it.

2. After its release Diana, ironically, fucked off and went solo.

3. Johnny Bristol's vocals were recorded by accident.

4. It was the final US number one of the 60s (in the UK, this was Two Little Boys by R**f H*****s).

5. It's rather obviously about socialism.

6. And it makes me think of you.

Have a romantic weekend.

Fagburn: Solipsism

EQ View.

This man sounds like a complete idiot.

Grayson Perry Watch: Irony Lost

ARTIST Grayson Perry has included The Sun in his latest giant artwork – declaring we are a “definitive” part of Britain.

The huge Comfort Blanket piece – unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery in central London – is filled with what the Turner prize-winning star says define Britain.

The Sun sits alongside other British icons including the Queen, Top Gear, fish and chips and the Proms.

But there is no room for the Mirror or the Star.

Cross-dresser Grayson said: "I wanted to include The Sun as it is a big part of Britain. It is a definitive part of our country."

The piece is part of Grayson’s Who Are You? collection unveiled to coincide with his new Channel 4 series, which launched last night.

Grayson also created a vase based around disgraced Lib Dem politician Chris Huhne – which he covered in images of a penis.

Grayson said the work had repeated imprints of a willy as it was what got Huhne into trouble in the first place.

He revealed how Huhne wanted to buy the work - although it has been valued at more than £100,000.

Religious News: LOL!!!

Daily Mail.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Fagburn: In The Absence Of News

Well, there you go!

Let the record show, Fagburn also has no 'strong opinions' on this important matter of the day.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Cruising: Toys For Boys


Today there was no news. x

Update: That video ^^^ is an hilarious take on Cruising - the fillum.

Not just some nonsense Electro song.

Bye! x

Matthew Parris: Amateur Trolls

Hard to know whether it’s worth bothering to assess a policy that obviously isn’t seriously happening, or likely to. But on the basis that we even give a second glance to the idiotic initiatives that ministers keep spraying out to seize the “news initiative”, consider the latest, from the justice secretary. Chris Grayling says he’ll quadruple penalties for those who subject others online to “sexually offensive, verbally abusive or threatening material”.

I get (and ignore) this kind of online abuse all the time. Here’s a selection of what I’ve read about myself recently on the Guido Fawkes website . . .

“Forget Parris. Sodomites aren’t that big a f***ing deal anyway.”

“I’d sooner be a working class pleb than one of Matthew Parris’ bent brigade. Shut that door! Then f*** off!”

“Parris is clearly demonstrating the affect of dissolute living and the long-term adverse symptomatology of limp-wristed empathising.”

By contrast, “Bromley Polecat” on Conservative Home is positively genteel, attributing my opinions on Ukip to the bitterness of a homosexual affronted by Tory members’ rejection of gay marriage.

These people — “trolls” as they are known — are paper tigers. I wouldn’t in a million years think their nonsense worth reporting to the police. I enjoy invective. What are we coming to if we think this kind of flotsam should be dragged expensively through our justice system?


Matthew quotes Mao!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Russell Brand: The Revolution Will Not Be...

Russell Brand may have become the poster boy for people who love politics but hate politicians.

Tonight, however, he was forced into an old-fashioned political retreat when he cancelled a debate to launch his new book after guests including the leading human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell expressed concerns about the make-up of the panel.

Activist Laurence Easeman, who appeared with Brand on a recent video to highlight the plight of an under-threat community in London’s East End, had been due to join the panel at London’s Hoxton Docks to discuss the issues raised byRevolution – the comic’s treatise on the travails of the modern British body politic.

Mr Tatchell said he flagged up concerns with Brand having been alerted to a series of blog postings by others which, if accurate, would suggest that he and Mr Easeman may not share all the same political views...


Next stop... Russell meets our Owen!

Only just realised, OJ?

Why did you agree to speak there in the first place, then?

Johann Hari, Owen Jones, Morrissey, Peter Tatchell...

Can anyone explain this gay love-in with the great phoney Brand?

If Russell Brand is taken seriously as a left-wing thinker, then no wonder our movement's fucked. 

PS Saint Peter interviews the even babier-faced Mr Jones in 2007!

Update: Evan Davis does Russell on Newsnight.

'Evan, mate.. what a lot of people in your line of work misunderstand is that we don't want some pedagogic figure coming in and didactically shouting at us...' LOL!

Rather a lot of creepy, patronising touching there, Russell, would you do that to Paxman?

Actually, Mr Brand does come out of that quite well.

Fagburn still thinks he'll do a David Icke before long.

LGBT History Month: That's Progress


Harry Hay was a communist.

He'd have been so proud it had come to this.

Grayson Perry Watch: Identity Crisis

Perry doesn’t think he is a rule breaker, you see. When I ask him about the transgressive nature of his transvestism (in January, he accepted his CBE from the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace in a blue dress and mother-of-the-bride hat), he says: “Well, it’s less transgressive nowadays.” 

In this case, does he risk losing his edge altogether, slipping into national treasure status? “What’s wrong with that?” he says. “Could be worse, couldn’t it? Could be a national hate figure.”

Widespread admiration does have a downside, though, he agrees. “Oh, it’s ruined being a tranny. Because I’m a famous tranny, I’m not a tranny anymore, I’m Grayson Perry. Whenever I step out of the door now, I’m on duty, which can be quite tiring sometimes.”

Here's today's interview with Grayson Perry - it's in the Telegraph

If only we could have one of these every day, doing this blog would be so much more fun.

If we must have 'media personalities', let them be as witty, wise and wonderful as Grayson Perry.

Mr Perry's new tellybox series, Who Are You?, begins tomorrow night on Channel 4.  

In the second part next week, we meet Jack and John and their daughter, Shea.

That's my friend Jack, insirdenturelee!

Oh crap, we'll never hear the end of this...

Anyway, here's the trailer - that they're not in.

Pink News: Mirror Image

Pink News.

Once more, they've just regurgitated a tabloid story without even seeing its bias.

In fact they've made it worse.

Why is Pink News' focus here; 'Girls are put off dating me because my mum is gay'?

The rest of the text is about how he stood by and stood up for his lesbian mum.

Can you remind me what the point of a gay media is again?

Richard Coles Watch: On The Twitter/Cruising Nexus

'There’s more of me on Twitter than there is in real life,' he sighs. 'It’s certainly the thing that takes up most of my time. At first I didn’t want to do it. It was only when I got the job doing Saturday Live that they said: ‘You have to go on to Twitter.’ I didn’t get it at all. What’s so great about Twitter? 140 characters, blah, blah, blah. But within two days I think I hit the rate of tweeting that I’m on now, which is thousands a day. Because I. Just. Love it. It really, really works for me. It’s cruising, and that’s kind of fun. You bump into people that you’d probably otherwise not bump into. And you have moments of revelatory and indeed profound experience. Admittedly not that often.'

Here's today's interview with Richard Coles - it's in The Guardian.

If only we could have one of these every day, doing this blog would be so much more fun.

If we must have 'media personalities', let them be as witty, wise and wonderful as the Rev Richard Coles.

Did the Radio 4 presenter really go cruising in lay-bys? Is he actually friends with atheist-in-chief Richard Dawkins? And how accurate is his Wikipedia entry? Britain’s top media vicar Googles himself

This proves quite an entertaining and illuminating way of conducting an interview.

Though Fagburn wonders if the journalist came up with it in a panic as he hadn't really done his homework.

'The myth of my own niceness was something that seemed to need exploding...'
Thought for the day? On celibacy...

“Partly it was a situation I found myself in… I remember going to the London Apprentice near Old Street at about 10pm and standing around on my own until 1am and then going home again thinking, Why did I do that? I didn’t miss that at all, to retire from that fray. You get lots of your time back.”

Perhaps some people just don’t believe you? “Yes, lots of people do think that. All I can say is that it is actually the truth. It hasn’t always been entirely 100% true in every way, but substantially true. Sex is not so important in lots of people’s lives as we think it might be, I would say.”

Fagburn thinks this is quite profound; maybe it's time people started coming out and saying they don't really give a fuck about fucking?

Sex for most men is just lust, plus a technical wank - either on them, in them, or without them.


Catholic Synod: Who Cares?

There’s really no need for most people in the gay community to care about what the Catholic Church thinks. And by continuing to do so, we’re validating these hateful views.

Do ethnic minorities wait in anticipation of that special day when the BNP may give them a scrap of acceptance? Of course not, their views are abhorrent and accepted as such. And it’s time the Catholic Church is dealt with in the same regard on gay issues.

As a community gay people should take the higher ground, and actually act in a more Christian way than it seems possible for the bigots who reject them.

Gay people to stop this fight for acceptance from the Catholic church; to stop engaging in this debate, this dialogue and ultimately this validation of outdated beliefs. The time has come for the gay community to turn the other cheek.

We don't need to retaliate, we don’t need to protest, we know that we are equal and who cares if Catholic bishops haven’t realised it yet? We don’t need their endorsement, and we should stop caring if they don’t get it...

Cristo Foufas (!) writes for the Daily Telegraph (!)

Wise words - let us pray this will be the end of this tiresome matter.

But what would their Religious Nuttery Correspondent, Cristina Odone, have to say?

Update: And yet... Ignore the PR, the Catholic Church continues with its grotesque homophobia, Terry Sanderson, Pink News.

Gay Star News: Penny For The Gay, Sir?

Whilst it's good Gay Star News brings attention to this patronising and pointless initative, who else but GSN still says 'poor people'?

You can take the gay man out of the public school, but...

Gawd bless you, sir, can I have an unpaid internship, whilst you cream even more money off Barclays...

What is it they pay you? Two grand an (undeclared) ad?

Travel Tips: Morocco

The Guardian.

As ever, just because a country has laws against homosexuality, it doesn't mean they are routinely enforced. *

The shocking case of Ray Cole and Jamal Wald Nass was an exception, not the rule.

* This is a widespread canard in both the gay and straight media.

Both from just yesterday; The Spread Of Gay Rights, The Economist - which implies you get stoned to death for being gay in some countries cause they haven't embraced neo-liberal globalisation.

And When In Rome, Think Of Gay People In Iran, Libby Purves, The Times.

No serious observer believes men get arrested, never mind executed, in Iran, just for being gay.

If this were true they must have the most incompetent police force since the Keystone Cops.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Ukip Calypso: Read M And Weep (Geddit?)

In common with all media commentators, Fagburn has nothing interesting to add to the current hoo-ha about Mike Read's in-no-way racist song, UKIP Calypso.

Though, I did once interview Mr Read on the eve of his musical about Oscar Wilde - which was so famously good it was cancelled after the first night.

Mike struck me as one of the thickest people I've ever had the misfortune to interview - and I've interviewed Steps and Brett from Suede.

Mike launched into a spirited celebration of celebrity nonces, citing Oscar Wilde in their defence.

Mike tried to explain - very badly - that he couldn't have had Relax banned from BBC Radio 1, even if he'd wanted to.

Anyway, Fagburn thinks Ukip should send out free downloads of Ukip Calypso - U2-style - to every household in this sceptered isle, instead of publishing a manifesto for the next general election.

But please don't thank me if you win.

• Saturday Morning Superstore screengrab via Dan Hollingsworth. The look of contempt on gay Gordon Kaye's face is priceless, x

Peter Tatchell: Dear Me

From the Express Diary - not available online. Thanks to S. x

Here's Saint Peter's Twitter home page - see if you can count how many photos of himself he's tweeted recently.

Tom Tomorrow: The Right-Wing House Of Fear

Tom Tomorrow, The Daily Kos.

Marriage: What Would Elvis Do?

While many businesses in Las Vegas are welcoming the advent of marriage equality, some chapels are refusing to perform gay weddings, KLAS-TV reports. [Link to video, btw!]

After calls to approximately 15 wedding chapels, KLAS discovered "several" are refusing to perform gay weddings. The Elvis Wedding Chapel, which performs traditional weddings and those performed by Elvis impersonators, is one of those chapels. A representative from the business would not answer the door for the KLAS reporter and appeared hostile. The owner of the Vegas Wed Chapel would appear on camera and stated marrying gay couples would make her a hypocrite since she's a born-again Christian; she claimed the same-sex couples she's turned down have been understanding.

Since Nevada bans discrimination based on sexual orientation, these chapels could face misdemeanor charges for denying services to gays. As Tod Story of the ACLU points out, chapels are not exempt from the law, as churches or synagogues would be, because they're for-profit businesses.

If you have five hours to spare, Fagburn could bore you to death with his theories about Elvis's somewhat confused sexuality.

Richard Coles Watch: Rev It Up

'I feel very much like the poor man’s Stephen Fry...'

Daily Telegraph. 

She's everywhere right now, isn't she?

Thank 'god'.

PS You should know by now that our rev is one of the funniest people on Twitter. Today he RT-ed this adorable photo of his younger self butching it up on a barge. Bless!

Cartoon Of The Day: Jesus Christ!

Martin Rowson for The Guardian. 

And the runner-up... Adams in the Telegraph.

'God is not afraid of new things' - Pope Francis.

New!!? You should read the Bible, dude, there's loads of bummers in it.

BTW Fagburn has to confess he's not very interested in this story, but it's always nice to have another excuse to laugh at the sheer silliness of the Catholic church.

Worst Avatar Of All Time: The Independent

Off that Twitter.

Because they really love The Gays...


PS Don't forget to vote for Dennis Nilsen in the Independent On Sunday's Rainbow List.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Stephen Gately: A Strange And Troubling Estate

BOYZONE star Stephen Gately’s family are to hire a private investigator for a fresh probe into his death.

The move comes as they battle his husband Andrew Cowles over the singer’s £1.5million estate.

Stephen, 33, died five years ago in Majorca.

His brother Tony, 32, told The Sun on Sunday they still have unanswered questions five years after the tragedy.

They are also embroiled in a dispute over how the star’s £1.5million estate is divided up.

Stephen was discovered slumped on a sofa while on holiday in Majorca with husband Andrew Cowles, 36.

Officials ruled that Gately had been killed by an undetected heart condition.

But bus driver Tony said: “Only two people really know what went on the night he died.

“They are his husband Andrew and a Bulgarian guy, Georgi, who was invited to their apartment. Neither of them have fully explained to me what happened.

“We are looking at getting a private investigator once his estate is settled.” ...

The Sun Sunday.

Only at the end do readers learn; 'Andrew could not be reached for comment at the time of going to press.'

Might it not have been an idea to wait until he had been?

Might be an idea for the Mail to keep out of this.

Asifa Lahore: Revelations

The Observer.

Using the Dewani trial as a hook seems a bit off/odd, but this video is amusing.

Oh, you may remember Asifa from this BBC3 censorship farce back in March.

The Guardian call Club Kali's promoter 'Rita' - her name is Ritu. Oops!

PS Anni Dewani murderer dies in prison - now this is a conspiracy theory waiting to happen.

It Ain't Half Hot Mum: Repeat To Fade

Repeat fees can play a big part in an actor’s salary. How do you feel about the BBC refusing to repeat Perry and Croft’s wartime sitcom, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum?

It was one of the most popular shows on television and I don’t understand the decision. Now, people can swear on television – which we never did – and you’re seemingly allowed to tell any homophobic joke you want, et cetera. Yet because Windsor Davies’s character called us a “bunch of poofs” and Michael Bates, who was born in India, dressed up as an Indian, the BBC won’t repeat it. It’s sad. The writers, Jimmy Perry and David Croft, tried everything they could to get the BBC to repeat it but to no avail.

Melvyn played Gunner 'Gloria' Beaumont, a drag performer in a soldiers' concert party stationed in India and Burma during World War II, in the bafflingly popular BBC TV 70s sitcom.

He has a passion for show business and always dresses up as famous film stars during the concert party shows, especially as Ginger Rogers. Gloria is an enormous coward. He is known throughout the company as being camp if not homosexual. This is seen in one of the episodes where Rangi says "Bombadier Beaumont is...." and makes the limp wrist gesture symbolic throughout Britain as meaning gay. Muhammad says "Bombadier Beaumont is Flyswat???". To which Ramzan goes "(STRING OF URDU/HINDI) Homosexual". To which Rangi says "Stop being such clever dicky." Wiki.

And that's what passed for top comedy back then - and may explain why it's not repeated these days.

Even on Dave.

James Wharton: Poster Boy

James Wharton, the poster boy for the Army's changing stance towards homosexuality during 10 years of service as an openly gay man...

Independent On Sunday.

He's the gay soldier that got gaymarried* - who claims he was rescued by Prince Harry.

And a joyless anti-sex prude to boot.

The poster boy for the heteronormative gay right, more like.

*Sadly now divorced. 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Cartoon Time: Holy Crap

Kal for The Economist.

Catholic Synod: Pope Francis setback on gay policy - BBC News.

Arthur Russell: He Is Now Appreciated

There is a short appreciation of Arthur Russell in The Guardian Guide today.
Thought I'd let you know...

Evan Davis: Tinsel Tits No More

Evan Davis takes issue with Jeremy Paxman, his Newsnight predecessor, who witheringly noted that the current affairs programme is now made by 13-year-olds. “I mean, they are shockingly young, but I put them more at 15 to 20-year-olds,” says Davis. “Still, they love their politics and they just know the answers to everything.”

By the way, while Evan wisely saw that he would have Mandrake to answer to if he had dispensed – in the manner of Robert Peston – with a tie when he presented Newsnight, what has not so far been acknowledged is that the affable 52-year-old broadcaster also took the line of least resistance on his collection of rings.

“I used to wear them, too, but now they have gone,” he told me at the launch of the new Sherlock Holmes exhibition at the Museum of London. “I don’t mind, though. The whole lot of them were only £5 from a shop on Kensington High Street.”

Julian Clary: Innuendo No More

'You just go as far as you can with the double entendre and the single entendre and the expectancy of the audience that there’s filth. Maybe I’ve tired of double entendres a bit — who’d have thought? It was a revelation that the audience will go with you if you change direction a bit.'

Mr Clary is promoting his new innuendo-free London cabaret shows.

Thought For The Day: Graham Norton

'The only thing that makes me sad - and Alan Carr is sort of like this too - is that the most stick you get is from gay people.

'It’s always been the same, that there’s this sort of weird self-loathing in the gay community…

'But it’s heartbreaking, because you hear these people say ‘Oh he’s so camp and terrible', and you’re thinking, 'Oh god, you are completely unaware that you’re camp too!'

'There was a very sweet documentary once, and these little gay boys in Brighton were talking about how much they hated me, and it was heartbreaking because they were me.'

Friday, 17 October 2014

Groundhog Gay: Damian Barr

New Statesman.

Every other month since the dawn of gay time someone has written an article asking this.

There is nothing interesting left to say about the subject - as Mr Barr shows.

And why is the New Statesman publishing this?

It's basically Damian Barr pushing his 250 page love letter to Margaret Thatcher, Maggie & Me.

Next week in the NS: Andrew Pierce asks is drag sexist.

PS I do like DB presenting Front Row, though. *balance*

Tim Hauser: 1941-2014

From the Continental Baths to Top Of The Pops...

Ray Cole: I'm Still Waiting

Respect where it's due, this interview with Ray Cole by Patrick Strudwick does foreground the plight of his Moroccan lover, Jamal Wald Nass - released two days later, but pending an appeal - a man all but invisible in most other accounts

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Gays In The News: Cashpoint Confusion

Manchester Evening News.

Sounds quite understandable.

Word Of The Day: Queer-Baiting

If I see another article in a publication oriented towards gay men proclaiming how hot Nick Jonas is, I might scream. I get it, he’s packed on some muscle mass since the last time he was relevant—and it’s always nice to have eye candy—but his recent appearances at gay clubs in New York seem a little disingenuous.

Jonas has a self-titled album coming out soon, and because the rise of One Direction and Justin Bieber has diminished his influence in the lucrative teen girl market, he needs to find a new group to promote his material. It looks like he’s found his audience: gay men.

His marketing team must be having a gay old time, if you’ll forgive the pun, because it’s a little too coincidental that Jonas has started popping up at gay clubs to take his shirt off, stripping down and emulating Mark Wahlberg for a photoshoot and tweeting “I love my gay fans,” around the release of the new album’s second single, “Jealous.” As a slight cynic, this doesn’t feel like a genuine way to attract fans—it feels like a marketing ploy.

Jonas isn’t the only high-profile act that capitalizes on the seemingly untapped mainstream market of gay men. The MTV show “Teen Wolf” has been working its werewolf-fueled magic in queer-baiting since the show premiered in 2011...

Conor Murphy, The Daily Cardinal.