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Fagburn: Still Ill

Apologies, Fagburn has been ill for the last week, back soon.
Sorry to anyone who I let down, but probably best to shrink back in my Temporary Autonomous Zone.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Pride: Shaming A Gay Film

"There’s something very relieving [?] about the idea of attributes of compassion and heroism and a belief in everybody. So it’s not a film for just gay people or miners. Just because you’re not a woman, doesn’t mean you don’t believe in women’s rights!”

Thanks for clearing that up, brainbox!

No wait, there's more...

“It’s not a gay film, it’s about humanity,” he explains...

This dolt really is a banal trite gay cliche machine.

If it's not a 'gay film' then what the fuck is it then?

A Chinese opera?

A French baguette?

But hey, maybe we're all baguettes, really, yah?

Still at least another right-wing paper loves Pride (The Movie)!

Yes, it's 5 Stars from the famously gay-loving, and union-loving Express for this 'delightful' film!

But are they sure it stars Mark Ashton?

Good to see you were all paying attention.

Thought For The Day: Dame Simon Callow

While I often told interviewers I was gay [in the 1980s], they never printed it. So I thought, "I've got to get this out in the open air," and I wrote the book [his 1983 autobiography, Being an Actor]. Many people were concerned on my behalf about the consequences, but as it happens, it was [using the book] to attack the power of the directors in theatre that might have had the biggest consequence. Some directors probably said, "That actor will never work again."

Simon Callow in the Independent reminds us that once upon a time, you could scream it from the rooftops that you're gay as a daffodil, but some journalists thought it best not to mention that sordid business.

PS She's doing Crackanory on Dave this month.

That's not some pervy kink thing - Dave is the TV channel, and Crackanory is the name of the programme.

Pink News: 'Firearms Cops Wear Rainbow Laces'

The Rainbow Laces campaign has found support from a team more used to riot gear than football gear.

Rainbow laces were sent to all Premier League footballers, and every professional team in the UK as part of a campaign to raise awareness of homophobia in football by Stonewall, Paddy Power and the Gay Football Supporters’ Network.

However, they have proved surprisingly popular with members of Leicestershire Police’s Tactical Dogs & Firearms Unit, who posted several photos to Twitter of armed officers backing the campaign.

In one of the photos, officers wearing rainbow laces are seen geared up in gas masks and assault rifles, while in another, a police dog is shown wearing laces next to his handler...

Aren't their rainbow laces just adorable?
Fagburn's just catching up with the weekend's news, but doubts anything will 'top' this delightful story from Pink News on Saturday!

Now I don't know about you, but if I or anyone I knew and loved was 'accidentally' shot dead by one of these hot cop dudes I'd feel so much better about it knowing they were wearing rainbow laces.

Perhaps, in but 30 years time, there will be a HEART-WARMING FEEL GOOD British film about when these coppers' hobnailled boots met some dainty gay laces.

PS Only joking! It's not that likely the police would shoot me - I'm not black. Can we get some laces for that?

• 'I Let Everyone Down': A blogger apologises for not posting in a while.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Friday, 12 September 2014

Bob Crewe: 1931-2014

Songwriter, producer, genius.

PS Not to be confused with Bob Crowe, who is also dead.

Peter Tatchell: I, Tatchell

Full text of Peter Tatchell’s acceptance speech, on receiving a Honorary Fellowship of Goldsmiths College, University of London, presented to him by the Chair of Council, Baroness Estelle Morris, in a ceremony at the college on 10 September 2014.

Okay, here is an edited version where I've just quoted the personal pronouns, basically...

I am My me I my I me. my I  [That's 15 references to yourself, there already, Pete. Let us see how we proceed...]

I’m not special or unique. I do my bit for social justice, but so do many others.

My key political inspirations are Mohandas Gandhi, Sylvia Pankhurst, Martin Luther King and, to some extent, Malcolm X and Rosa Luxemburg. I’ve adapted many of their ideas and methods to the contemporary struggle for human rights – and invented a few of my own.
[This is not a joke!]

I My I  [Lost count after 50...]

I have continued in the same vein
[Vain, shirley?]

Looking back on my 47 years of human rights campaigning, my advice, for what it’s worth, is this:

To quote my fellow sodomite and socialist Oscar Wilde:

“I love me.”

Full disclosure: I made the last line up. All other quotes come from his short speech.

Saint Peter's given the same wonderfully unself-serving 'but it's not about me, so I'll talk about me' speech at least twice before, when he's been awarded honorary degrees for sending out press releases about Peter Tatchell.

Tatchell likes to bemoan how gay campaigning/'radicalism' has diminished, but maybe it's partly diminished because he's dedicated himself to a 25 year-long PR campaign where fools now believe 'gay campaigning = Peter Tatchell'?

'L'état, c'est moi.'

Change will come when people stop following people who get off on being followed.

'We shall all rise, when you fall.'

Hollywood: Hotbed Of Homophobia!

More than half of gay actors in Hollywood believe film-makers are biased against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) performers,according to a new study (pdf).

The report from the Williams Institute, a thinktank on gay issues at UCLA, also found that more than 50% of respondents had heard directors and producers make anti-gay comments about actors. A third of gay respondents said they had witnessed disrespectful treatment of LGBT performers on set, while one in eight non-LGBT performers had seen gay actors treated poorly.

While 53% of lesbian and gay actors were “out” to all or most of their fellow actors, the report found that only 36% had revealed to agents they were gay, and only 13% had told industry executives. One-fifth of gay male respondents and 13% of lesbians said they had experienced discrimination in the work environment.

“We found that LGBT performers may have substantial barriers to overcome in their search for jobs,” said the authors of the study, the UCLA academics MV Lee Badgett, and Jody L Herman. However, 72% of gay or lesbian performers who had openly disclosed their sexuality said it had not affected their careers and would encourage others to do the same...

The Guardian.

Fagburn has long suspected Hollywood to be the most gay-hating industry in the US, if not the entire world, and this proves it.

This is why we so often hear of gay actors being beaten up while filming films.

And why so few of the gays work there.


Hitlerwood more like!

PS How do you get to be an 'LGBT thinktank'?

Guess you just put that in your press release and ver media will print your 'findings' without question.

No matter how implausible your other 'research'.

Attitude: Pass The Sickbag, Alice!

*Pukes everywhere*

Fagburn assumes this can only be a 'Springtime For Hitler' attempt to go bust.

I mean who's going to buy a magazine with Mr Gay Fugly And Thick on the cover?

PS One of Fagburn's favourite quotes from Gareth is when he told the Daily Mail, soon after he came out soon after receiving a major blow to the head; "I don't want to be known as a gay rugby player. I am a rugby player first and foremost. I am a man."

So he's not a bloody poof, right! He is a man. GRRR!!!

Iain Paisley: 1926-2014

Right-wing Unionist shitbag and windbag behind the Save Ulster From Sodomy campaign.

Whose death is met with the usual gushing 'tributes' in the press.

Why oh why didn't the IRA kill this fuck?

If anyone knows where this cunt is being buried please let me know so I can go and dance and piss on his grave.


PS Sinn Fein were the first political party in 'the UK' to put gay rights in their manifesto. Respect!

Pride: The Daily Mail Sure Does Love It!

Daily Mail.

Also very popular with The Sun!

Is it only right-wing cunts who love this movie?

It's heart-warming, adorable etc etc Zzzz...

'You shall judge a film by its fans as well as by its foes' Joseph Conrad, probably.

PS The wonderfully thick Andrew Scott strikes again!

So it's just a film that happens to be about The Gays, then?

You stupid fuck.

What makes a film 'gay'? Craig Johnson, The Advocate.

PPS Seen the film, buy the t-shirt (that cost £4 to make).

Cut out the middle-man and not buy a shitty, politically vacuous, over-priced t-shirt!

PPPS The Daily Mirror thinks it honks of sentimental, apolitical crap...

Let me say again, the story has all the components for a fantastic film, a tale of unlikely brothers in arms united against an evil enemy in a desperate climate.

But sadly the makers rely on the clichés we see in way too many light-as-a-feather British comedy-dramas – see, in particular, Made In Dagenham, Cemetery Junction and Kinky Boots.

Slap your forehead as the hostile locals are won over by West dancing on the table in their community hall; feel your toes curl as two biddies show their innate lovability by calling their new pals “the gays” or “my lesbians”; and sink even deeper into your seat as the same swap talcum powder tips with a man in a gimp suit.

Bless them! Aren’t they surprisingly tolerant?

And then there’s an overwhelming, cloying, knuckle-chewing score signposting when we’re meant to laugh or cry.

Meanwhile, the grit of the strike – the out-of-control coppers, the vindictiveness of the National Coal Board and the miners’ desperate poverty – are largely glossed over so we can get to another scene of Staunton proving her broadness of mind by dancing in a gay club where (and I’m not making this up) she attempts to talk to a man wearing a ball gag.

The Times.

Yes! It's the feel-good comedy guaranteed not to offend anyone who wanted all miners and queers to be killed at the time!

Mark Ashton.
And finally, from the Morning Star...

Often when a film with LGBT themes is produced there can be difficulties of prejudice along the way and I was curious to know if the prodcuction team had encountered something similar.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the change in attitudes in recent decades, it wasn’t the LGBT but the socialist theme that people had an issue with.

A major US distributor went so far as to abandon the project entirely because it deals with socialism and from an early stage the crew were advised not to use the word “communist” under any circumstances or there’d be stiff opposition to marketing the film in the US.

This presented some difficulty not least because one of the main characters of the film and a founding member of LGSM is Mark Ashton, beautifully played by Ben Schnetzer. At the time he was the youngest-ever general secretary of the Young Communist League...

So in fine - the message of this movie is; the miners' got fucked, but you got gay marriage.

But everything now is alright for ever.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Justin Sayre: The Gay Parent Trap

"I blame us... We've become straight people and it's boring."

PS: The ever-shit Gay Star News - the gay Daily Mail - now has a 'Family' section. These are The End Times, boys...

Brighton Bushes: The Fun Police Say NO!!!

Thanks for clearing that up. x

Ladybird Books: Updated For The Modern Child

Modern Toss.

Ted Heath: A Bit Stiff

They do say that if you want to keep a secret you should make a speech in the Commons chamber or publish your autobiography. One such memoir dropped through my letterbox years ago: columnists are deluged with unsolicited books. During a major sift through the accumulating heap to see what could go to the charity shop, my hand hovered recently over No Make-Up: Straight Tales from a Queer Life, by Jeremy Norman (2006). Idly I flicked the pages.

It’s a marvellous book. Startlingly candid, unblushingly funny about wealth, privilege and the pursuit of fun, Mr Norman (for ten years a proprietor of Burke’s Peerage and the founder of the Heaven gay nightclub in London) paints an unforgettable picture of gay life in an age of official prohibition.

But it’s his description of Ted Heath that surprises. In a spiky miscellany of vignettes of exotic gay and bisexual men, spies and hedonists, appears a chapter on the late Sir Edward. Norman’s interior-designer partner, Derek Frost, had done work at Ted’s Salisbury house. The former prime minister (says Norman) kept inventing tiny “after-care service” tasks (like re-stitching two cushions) to ask the couple over or get himself invited to their country cottage. “It was clear to us he was lonely, and looking for an excuse to meet, [and that] in his own inhibited way, he was reaching out to us as a gay couple . . .”

Also Private Eye, 1970.
Ted told them he had supported an equal age of consent but “the party rank and file would never have stood for it”. Norman concludes: “I couldn’t help but conclude that he was a deeply closeted gay man . . . That impression was reinforced by his monosyllabic answers to questions about his love life.

“The last time we saw the old boy was [in 2004] when we called on him at Salisbury . . . He was as hospitable as ever. His housekeeper provided some excellent canapés and he opened a bottle of champagne. A curious and unexplained character greeted us at the front door: a young, educated Oriental man who seemed to be a close friend and confidant. He was clearly not an employee, as he stayed with us during our chat . . . No explanation was sought or proffered as to his place in the household.”

Gossip is not always unkind. Like Jeremy Norman I think more affectionately of Ted because of these reflections. They humanise, explain his woodenness, and say something about the injustice that left him with a personal side but one he felt he could not speak about.

Matthew Parris in his Times' column.

Not as controversial as Matthew's last prole-hating column on Clacton-On-Sea.

The Imitation Game: Straight Up

The Independent.

Seeing as Cumberbatch has Alan Turing falling in love with a woman, I think it's Oscars all round.

Update: Benedict Cumberbatch talks crap to the Daily Beast...

The only thing that’s in contention, really, is whether he died by accident or on purpose. His suicide note is framed to make it look like an accident. His coroner’s report said that it was a solution of cyanide and water, and then there was a bite of the apple.

There was no suicide note and the apple was not tested for cyanide.

He goes on, equally witlessly...

Who’s Lord McNally? Well, he’s probably gay. They’re always the biggest homophobes.

Which is a homophobic cliché.

Which proves one of the benefits of a private education; the ability to talk absolute rubbish with absolute confidence.

Richard Kiel: 1939-2014

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

So Proud: Meet The First Lesbian On A Nuclear Submarine!

Yes, it could only be Gay Star News.

As billions are wasted on some Cold War relic that could lead us to nuclear armageddon, only GSN could get excited cause there's a lesbian aboard.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Sophie Ellis Bextor: Question?

Answer in brief: Cause she goes to Russia several times a year, and talks to her gay fans there, and knows gay people in Russia don't support a boycott, basically.

Tom Of Finland: Issue

Buy stamps!

Strictly Scott: Fuck Giving Much?

The Independent.

Hi Scott!

Is there any chance of you commiting suicide?

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Pride: Lesbians And Gays Support The Miners (Not Today's Workers)

Don't forget to get your free tickets to the Pride premiere today!

They are available from those well-known bastions of working-class solidarity, the Daily Mail and Gay Star News.

And at all Picturehouse cinemas.

That's right.

Workers from Picturehouse have been on strike most of this year.

And don't forget, one of the many reasons GSN is so abysmal is cause they think it's okay not to pay people who work for them, and just get some unpaid interns in.


Still, all hail Pride (the movie).

'I'd cross a picket line to see this feel-good movie about gays and trade unions and err...' Daily Mail.

'This is the best film ever since the last one we said that about*, can you put this on your poster?' Attitude.

* Weekend.

PS Other hilarious incongruities in the Daily Mail's film of the year.

Update: Another rave review, this time from Britain's only communist daily newspaper, the Telegraph!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

JK Rowling: You Have Been Blocked From Following This Account At The Request Of The User

Christian loonbag/Frank has now deleted his Twitter account.

Thought For The Day: Douglas Coupland

A few months ago someone online (where else?) was discussing various religions including Scientology. In the comments section at the article’s end, a woman wrote, “I don’t like Scientology because it’s a made-up religion,” to which another reader replied, “As opposed to…?” He has a point. More recent religions entered the game late, and thus have yet to generate the market share that can only accrue with millennia. In 2,000 years, Game of Thrones could be a religion – who’s to say?

Douglas Coupland, FT Weekend.

The only columnist Fagburn wakes up and looks forward to reading, but... dunno, think she's coasting now.

PS Sisyphus gives up. Laters. x

Friday, 5 September 2014

The Guardian: Trending

Hard graft is trending for winter 2014, especially manual labour...

This is an actual thing in The Guardian - probably to coincide with the middle classes' favourite film du jour, Pride (The Movie).

Marti Pellow: Wet

Some say Marti Pellow sold a story to Murdoch about drugs, if they wouldn't out him.

Fagburn finds this very hard to believe.

PS Marti is now starring in a West End musical...

Football: You Boys Play Nice Now!

FA Cup winners Arsenal, Paddy Power, Stonewall and the Gay Football Supporters' Network have again teamed up to help tackle one of the toughest challenges in sport: homophobia in football.

Erm, not sure I get what this is saying.

'Be nice to the poofs, lads, cause - although being a bummer is a bit of a bummer, like being short or looking like a Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle - they can't help it, and they can't change.'

Still, great stuff guys; cause there's nothing so fucking fantastic as when a real man - an actual soccerball star no less! - says he quite likes the gays.


Good slaves are so grateful for just a smile from our masters.

PS The sports aren't Fagburn's strong point, but I think there are 28 players in the Arsenal squad. Are we to assume the other 23 are okay with homophobia?

Pink News - this patronising drivel is an actual article, and not a piss-take!

Oh Gloria, wait til Fagburn unveils his 'Wear Your Rainbow Loom Band With Pride!' campaign - it's gonna make homophobia disappear 4 EVAH!

The Guardian: Gay Hip Hop (Don't Stop!)

The Guardian has published yet another article about gay men and Hip-hop on their music blog.

As you can see ^^^ this is a source of endless fascination for them.

But why?

Because they think it's so incongruous?

Because they think black culture and gay culture are mutually exclusive?

Because they think black people hate gay people and vice versa?

Because they don't have a clue?

The Guardian are far from alone in this, of course.

An out rapper - no matter if he's not actually any good - is practically guaranteed to get coverage - and gushing with it - in the gay and straight media, patronised and paraded before us as an exotic, heroic curiosity, a modern day Elephant Man.

Cliff Richard: Just A Brief Message

Sir Cliff's Facebook page.

Needless to say Fagburn is #TeamCliff.

'When I see an actual flesh-and-blood Cliff Richard in conflict with his natural enemy, the policeman, I do not have to ask myself which side I am on.” George Orwell.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Joan Rivers: 1933-2014

Fagburn remembers the Joan Rivers he never knew:

About ten years ago I went to see the recording of a pilot for a Channel 4 gameshow she was hosting.
It was awful, just completely the wrong format for her considerable comic talents, and she clearly hated doing it.
Thankfully there were endless technical hitches that halted filming.
During which Joan kept the audience amused by telling jokes about the then ongoing Michael Jackson kiddy-fiddling trial.
It was one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed.
Sadly, all wonderfully unbroadcastable.
So that's how I'd like to remember Joan.
And not as the racist Zionist bitch whose last public statement was saying Palestinian kids in the Gaza Strip 'deserve to be dead'.

PS Oops! Nearly forgot - she loved The Gays!

• The poster above is for Joan's Quick... Before They Close The Lid tour of the UK next month - some tickets still available.

Johann Hari: Brand Management

Eagle-eyed comrade Huw Lemmey has spotted Johann Hari's bio for his book, Chasing The Scream: The First And Last Days Of The War On Drugs.

Johann Hari became a columnist and reporter for The Independent at the age of 23, and he has also been a contributing editor at Slate. He has reported from dozens of countries, and has won several leading journalism awards, including, twice, the Newspaper Journalist of the Year award from Amnesty International UK, and the Stonewall Journalist of the Year. He currently produces Russell Brand's podcast and YouTube channel. Hari's writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Slate, The New Republic, and The Nation.

Some things are screamingly noticeable by their absence here; like Hari leaving The Independent under a rather large cloud, and subsequently losing his Orwell Prize for Political Writing for bringing shame upon his profession.

Hari's fall from grace in 2011 came after he admitting plagiarism, harassment of other journalists and of committing the supreme crime of 'making lots of stuff up'.

One can only wonder why he hasn't been stripped of his other awards for journalism.

But what's this that Johann clearly considers one of his most notable achievements; 'He currently produces Russell Brand's podcast and YouTube channel.'


Here is said YouTube channel, The Trews.

Welcome to my channel and my daily show 'The Trews' where I give you the true news so you don't have to invest any money in buying newspapers that charge you for the privilege of keeping your consciousness imprisoned in a tiny box of ignorance and lies.

Probably not a good idea then, dear Russell, to collaborate on it with a journalist who is now best-known for being outed as a serial liar.

Nor is it a good idea, dear Johann, to collaborate with a man who is quite clearly a political idiot.

It has been rumoured that Hari was ghostwriting Brand's new book, called - no irony here - Revolution.

Some suspect that Hari has assisted Brand with his political tracts/rants, such as his New Statesman essay, Russell Brand On Revolution, though they are so incoherent - literally and politically - it's hard to believe this (apparently the person who subbed his Guardian piece on the 2011 riots 'still breaks out in a cold sweat whenever the original copy is mentioned').

Conversely and perversely, some of Morrissey's recent public statements on True To You and his lyrics about the state of the world are so garbled and politically puerile they seem to bear the influence of his new BFF Russell Brand.

Brand also gave a puff quote for Owen Jones' The Establishment - presumably the publisher thinks the 39 year-old appeals to ver kids - though this appears to have been removed from the front cover.

[Edit: The quote in full reads; “Owen may have the face of a baby and the voice of George Formby, but he is our generation’s Orwell”].

Presumably the publisher realised many potential readers think Brand is a bit of a joke.

Jones, of course, replaced Hari as the youngish, leftish and gayish columnist on The Independent. Though Owen left for The Guardian of his own freewill.

I've wondered before how often Hari has helped Elton John with his articles on gay issues and HIV/Aids (they have co-authored at least one piece).

Soon after waving goodbye to The Independent, Johann visited Elton at his house in the south of France, who he may have met when Elton 'guest-edited' The Independent.

By serendipity, Hari's new opus comes with a puff quote from Sir Elton; 'An absolutely stunning book. It will blow people away.'

In 2012 Milo Yiannopoulos asked; 'Who is bankrolling Johann Hari?'

Though as Chasing The Scream - which has taken three years of globetrotting, researching and writing - is published by Bloomsbury, the answer is most likely to be 'Harry Potter'.

This is all sounding like an incestuous circle jerk, isn't it?

The sort of thing Mr Hari writes gay porn stories about, in fact.

Holly Johnson: In And Out Of Love

This is the first single from Europa, Holly Johnson's first album in 15 years.
He made the record with Mark Ralph from The 2 Bears.
It also features contributions from the late Frankie Knuckles, Phil Manzarena, Vini Reilly, and Vangelis.
That's all I know for now, sorry.
Anyway, it's very jolly, Holly.
I also like the video.

Mental Health: Unwell

Lesbians, gays and bisexuals are more likely to have long-standing mental health problems and are twice as likely to have had bad experiences with their GP.

In one of the biggest surveys of homosexuals in England, researchers from Cambridge University found that 12 per cent of lesbian women and almost 19 per cent of bisexual women reported mental health problems, compared with six per cent of heterosexual women.

Meanwhile 11 per cent of gay men and 15 per cent of bisexual men reported problems, compared to five per cent of heterosexual men.

Lesbian, gay and bisexual men and women were 50 per cent more likely than heterosexuals to report negative experiences with primary care services, according to the study which was published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine...

For a change here's an LGBT survey that seems fairly reliable; it wasn't commissioned or conducted by anyone with a vested (financial) interest in talking up a problem (as far as I know), and it used previous data from 27,000 self-identified gay people who took part in the 2010 English General Practice Patient Survey. 

ie They didn't just throw a thing on Twitter or the internet saying; 'We're doing a survey about [insert name of thing]...', thinking those who'd respond to a survey about said thing would be in anyway representative. 

Oh, and congratulations to whoever at the Indy chose to illustrate this story with a rainbow flag a-fluttering - a choice every bit as original as it was inspired!