Monday, 7 June 2010

Elton John/Rush Limbaugh: Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Over the weekend The Palm Beach Post mentioned - only in passing - that Elton John "was expected to serenade the lovebirds" at the wedding of right-wing Republican radio host Rush Limbaugh and his fourth wife Kathryn Rogers.
This sent Queerty and many of its readers into apoplexy.
Queerty claim he should "be shamed for accepting the cash " - allegedly $1million.
But the report - or rumour - is so far unconfirmed - and seems most odd and somewhat unlikely.
Would Limbaugh, the sworn enemy of all things "liberal" have booked gay rights advocate, Elton John?
Whilst Limbaugh certainly isn't as obsessed with homosexuality as some shock jocks, he's been vocally against gay marriage.
But then so is Elton John.
Would Elton have accepted the gig?
He once argued that Eminem was not homophobic and performed with him at the Grammys in 2001, and last month headlined a festival in Morocco, hardly a gay-friendly state.
Fagburn waits for word from Elton John's "people".

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