Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Pride London: Especially For You

It wasn't only our own Pride London gathering coverage in the British media this week.
So did Madrid Pride, also held on Saturday 3rd.
Not because of that hoo-ha over Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, but because the headline act was Kylie, who by a happy coincidence also had a new album released on Monday.
Even so, she's a dream Pride headline act for many a queen, and quite a catch.
So who was headlining on the main stage at Pride London?
On their website and magazine they announced breathlessly; "returning this year as the closing headliner, this is the one act you can't afford to miss..."
Who? Who could it possibly be?
The DE Experience.
If you're still going "Who?", The DE Experience is a drag act who does an impression of Dame Edna Everage.
That was the headline at Pride London.
There were also the usual gamut of self-styled "Divas" - meaning other acts whose next gig is also probably next Tuesday at a gay club playing to three men and a chihuahua; Sonique, Kym Mazzelle, Tameka (?), and The Freemasons Featuring Amanda Wilson - or, technically, Amanda Wilson probably not featuring The Freemasons and singing along to a CD-R.
There's also what are effectively free ads for West End musicals (Wicked, Hair), two gay choirs (LGMC, Pink Singers), a minor ABBA tribute act (The FabbaGirls) and some bloke who used to be in Phixx.
Even with a meagre budget - and even if the number attending is closer to 50,000 than "a million" - Pride London must be able to offer something better than The DE Experience and Same Difference - "a singing sensation who came to the fore when they placed third in the X Factor in 2007".

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