Monday, 23 August 2010

Children In Need: Fury As Charity Money Goes To Charities

"The BBC was criticised last night for giving £140,000 raised for Children In Need to Scottish projects benefiting teenage criminals, travellers and young gays and lesbians," seethes The Daily Express in predictable mode.
The item's headline was even more blunt; "Fury as BBC Charity Cash Goes To Criminals'.
What??? They're literally giving criminals cash?
It's political incorrectness gone mentalist!
The Express eventually provides some detail; "Shetland Arts Development Agency received a grant of almost £27,000 to hire an “arts and restorative justice worker” for its “space2face” scheme. According to the job description they will work 16 hours a week to “facilitate young person responsible for causing harm in creating a gift of artwork, and where appropriate, to facilitate the presenting of that artwork to the person/s harmed”.
Oh. Is that it? Who'd be furious about that?
The Express could only find Scottish Tory community safety spokesman Bill Aitken - and unluckily for The Express, he was all for it: “I am all for reparations to the victims of crime and I think offenders should be encouraged to attempt to make amends in this manner."
But there's a bit after this where it looks like The Express asked Aitken a leading question and tacked it on the end; "I doubt, however, if many of the donors to Children In Need envisaged the money being spent in this way.”
Okay. But what about the travellers??!?
"Fyne Families in Lochgilphead, Argyll, received almost £40,000 to “build the self esteem and confidence” of children, mothers and toddlers from the travelling community through after school clubs and outdoor activities."
Sounds like a good idea - I imagine all the shit the Daily Express stirs up about travellers can't be good for a kid's self-esteem. And The Gays??
"LGBT Youth Scotland Glasgow was given over £72,000 to “reduce feelings of isolation and exclusion” among homosexual youngsters."
What kind of a heartless cunt would be against something like that?
"Laura Midgley, of the Campaign Against Political Correctness, said: “I’m sure donors will be surprised to find projects like this are receiving funding, especially in the current climate.”
The Campaign Against Political Correctness are go-to guys for stupid quotes in a story like this.
Who are they? A couple, John and Laura Midgley.
Yes, there are basically two of them - making them twice as big as Christian Voice's one man crusade.
This gruesome twosome are often quoted in the press whenever the press need someone to say; "It's political correctness gone mad!"
The fact that they might be talking absolute bollocks seems neither here nor there.
But CAPC's website provides a handy guide to Famous Non-PC people, including such intellectual heavyweights as Trisha Goddard, Coleen Nolan, Jim Davidson, Jeremy Clarkson and The Krankies.
That's right - they've got the fucking Krankies on board!
Fagburn suggests you give John and Laura Midgley a call on 07092 040916 and ask them if they'd prefer it if lesbian and gay teens committed suicide.
Go on!

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  1. Fagburn suggests you give John and Laura Midgley a call on 07092 040916 and ask them if they'd prefer it if lesbian and gay teens committed suicide.

    What's the point. I already know the answer to that one