Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Fagburn: Last Week's So-Called News Today!

Before we get back to normal, there are a few very brief points Fagburn would like to make about the news from the week that passed us by due to ill-health.
You know, just for the record and that.

That William Hague Thing:
Funniest well of ink spilled on this one?
The Daily Mail's pet poove Andrew Pierce with his "Soulmates who were such easy targets for innuendo".
[Brief pause while Fagburn makes his sad boo-hoo face].
Seeing as this non-scandal seemed to centre on those hilariously Hello! magazine-style photos of Mr Hague and Mr Myers (above, obviously), well done to Mildred Mr Pierce for writing such a gushing Hello! style tribute to the lovely couple.*
Maybe it was a fit of guilt on the part of The Mail?
Lest we forget - and it usually is - the whispering campaign against William Hague and Christopher Myers first went public not on Guido Fawkes blog.
Guido Fawkes first mentioned Hague and Myers after their relationship had been broached by the Daily Mail on August 21st:
'Another Hague Special Adviser: And another of those baseball cap moments'.
For reasons best known to the Mail they accompanied the news article with not one, not two, but three photos from the paparazzi session above.
Then followed it up with a catty comment piece (plus photo of the two men) two days later.
See if you can detect any innuendo in that one.

Crispin Blunt MP:
You remember? He's the Conservative Prisons Minister who came out 10 days ago AS A BIG GAY!!!
Don't worry if you don't really remember.
In a handy piece of serendipity, everyone had forgotten all about it as soon as the Hague tsunami of tittle-tattle broke a few days later.
No homo story has emerged on Mr Blunt in the newspapers, but Fagburn was rather concerned at the temper and tone of The Daily Mail's earlier attacks on Blunt's "liberal" views on prisons and criminal justice.
This is the Mail's leader from July 22nd, 'An Insult Too Far'.
"The Tories have already given up on a long list of their manifesto commitments. But to renounce their historic role as the party of law and order may be an insult too far for many of their loyal supporters."
Many media mentioned the "prison parties" as Blunt's previous claim to ministerial fame before his coming out.
Is Fagburn alone in wondering if they might be related?

Gareth Williams Murder:
The Daily Mail's ever-madder Melanie Phillips has stuck her oar in.
The headline to her article asks; 'The dead MI6 spy was an unsung hero, so why are shadowy figures trying to blacken his name?'
After wibbling on for 1,000 or so meandering words, Phillips concludes brilliantly; "Perhaps. Who knows?"
Case closed!

And finally... "Morrissey Reignites Racism Row":
Her and her big mouth, eh?
Oops again, dear.

Right, let's get back to the present...

* William and Ffion

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