Wednesday, 22 September 2010

North Korea: Queen Barred From Royal Succession

The big international story today is that North Korea's Dear Leader, Kim Jong-il, looks likely to annoint/appoint his youngest son - the appropriately named Kim Jong-un - as his successor next week.
I know what you're thinking - surely this isn't the natural line of succession in the world's first communist monarchy?
Kim's eldest son Kim Jong-nam famously fucked up by trying to get into Japan in 2001 on a fake passport on an aborted visit Tokyo Disneyland.
But what about the middle one, Kim Jong-chul?
'Kenji Fujimoto, the pseudonym of a Japanese sushi chef who spent 13 years cooking for Kim Jong-il, has written that the leader considered his second son "no good because he is like a little girl."'


  1. Is that picture from the North Korean version of Ugly Betty?

  2. the one in the corner looks like sam tzu