Friday, 29 October 2010

Gareth Williams' Death: In The Bag?

Here we go again...
The Sun says; 'Bag Spook Died in 'Houdini' Sex Game'.
"BODY-in-the-bag spy Gareth Williams suffocated after a kinky Houdini-style sex game went wrong, detectives said yesterday.
The naked MI6 codebreaker was a fan of claustrophilia - in which people get sexual pleasure from confined spaces.
"Cops believe the 31-year-old maths genius died accidentally from lack of oxygen after he agreed to be locked in the 32-inch-long sports holdall by another person.
They reckon the person who zipped up the bag discovered him dead and fled the flat.
They have ruled out foul play but are still trying to trace the other person..."
Any evidence, M Poirot?; "An examination of his two laptops showed he visited websites on claustrophilia.
He also had links to a bondage and sado-masochism website..."
The Sun have also helpfully published a photo [above] of a "bag like one Mr Williams died in."
Although their sister paper said the bag was red.
The Daily Star concurs - nay it's "Official" - with one extra detail.
"...police believe they have solved the mystery after finding links to weird torture websites on the M16 officer’s laptops.
"One called Torture Garden gives advice and tips on bizarre fetishes like claustrophilia."
Do they mean he visited the site for Torture Garden (Nothing else comes up after an albeit brief Google), an extremely mild (pun intended) fetish club many "norms" go to cause it's rather fun?
The Daily Mail is on top-form, devoting acres to dismissing various rumours about Williams - and neglecting to mention how The Mail started most of them.
It's worth noting all papers mentioned here have quietly dropped suggestions that Gareth Williams was gay.
At least the Mirror was honest; 'Tests on spy's body draw a blank.'

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  1. Williams was a bagophiliac.
    He meets a black bag on the internet.
    Black bag falls in love.
    Neglects to tell Williams that it's psychic.
    Foresees erroneous reports of a secret tryst with a red bag.
    Allows Williams to climb inside and masturbate one last time, but refuses to unzip and suffocates his lover in a jealous rage.

    That's my theory.