Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Trans Coverage: The Right Pronoun

The Guardian's readers' editor, Chris Elliott, devoted his weekly Open Door column to "the right pronouns and respect for transgendered people".
There had been complaints about the paper's coverage of Mikki Nicholson winning the British Scrabble Championship, and the death of immigration lawyer, David Burgess, known outside of work as Sonia Burgess.
Elliot summarises the advice of Trans Media Watch; "Where possible ask people how they wish their gender to be defined. If you can't ask them, use pronouns that most closely match their presentation."
But he also notes; "The Guardian's style guide [the new print edition was published last week] currently has no entry for transgendered people. To have one would clearly help journalists who may not understand the different terms referring to members of the broad transgendered community..."

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