Saturday, 18 December 2010

B&B Bigots: "We're not prejudiced"

The Daily Mail devoted a devoted Hello-style double page spread to leading Christian mentalists, Peter and Hazelmary Bull; 'We're not prejudiced - just two Christians who passionately believe in the sanctity of marriage'
No, you're prejudiced.
As for being sued simply for upholding their Christian beliefs, Hazelmary says: ‘Christians are increasingly marginalised in British society, and what we have here is a head-on collision between the conflicting beliefs of Christians and those of homosexuals. Why should the rights of gay people take precedence over ours?
It seems to us that this new law has not been very carefully thought through, and I think there are going to be huge ramifications, no matter how this all pans out. People will not change their views because the law has changed.’
As noted on here before it looks like this is the first stage in a battle to overturn the gay equality laws - or "Christian discrimination" as the Mail laughably calls it - by some people in the Conservative party.
Here's yesterday's Daily Mail; "Mixed-race adoption rules must be changed say ministers... but they duck fears over Christian discrimination"
Fagburn is loving the accompanying photo of the Bulls drinking tea - they think they're people!

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