Friday, 24 December 2010

Censorship Junkies: Coming For The Gay Press

There's a very interesting and worrying essay on Cif by James Gray, on the broader aims of many campaigners against internet porn and the "sexualisation" of children, and on "how the debate around children and sexual material is increasingly shaped by religious conservatives."
"...The Front Page Campaign, for example, receives widespread support from feminist activists, yet its motivations seem antithetical to feminist aims. It not only calls for the covers of explicit lads' mags to be covered up, but also those of the "growing number of gay magazines for both men and women".
Yup. Check the Front Page Campaign's website and click on the 'gay magazines' section, illustrated by a doctored copy of a GT Sex Issue floating threateningly around the head of a frightened child.
"There are a growing number of gay magazines for both men and women. Some of these contain sexualised front covers, whether routinely or occasionally. They also advertise adult services and sex toys.
"Gay magazines have been found on low shelves and without age restriction. This magazine was on sale in a WH Smith travel store at the eye level of a 4 year old child, fully front facing and unbagged."
It has been a long struggle to get gay magazines in major newsagents and independent outlets, and not hidden away on the top shelf, or bracketed with pornographic magazines.
Censorship junkies like the Front Page Campaign must not be allowed a single hit.
And the gay press must never again be hidden away like being gay is something shameful.

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