Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Nigel Evans MP: A Gay Mail On Sunday

Two very telling headlines in The Mail On Sunday who got the exclusive about Nigel Evans coming out;
'Commons Deputy Speaker tells why he is fed up with 'living a lie': Growing up in South Wales, it was hard enough being a Tory, let alone being a gay'
A gay?!
And; 'I'm gay and fed up with living a lie, says Tory MP who voted against equal rights for homosexuals'
Evans does not have a long-term male partner - which is handy as the Mail is currently campaigning for the "right" to bar gay couples from hotels.
But who is "the former Labour MP" who Nigel says started a whispering campaign against him?
I suppose if the MP was gay and had been a cabinet minister, the Mail would have said so, wouldn't they?
Evans told The Mail; 'The MP was saying to anyone who would listen, “Why is it that Nigel Evans leads a life whereby he is gay to some people and not others?”'
It sounds suspiciously like something Peter Mandelson said after Chris Grayling's B&B "gaffe".
"When the camera is on they say one thing, but when the camera is off they say another."
The Sunday Times asked dancefloor superstar and silly old bat, Ann Widdecombe, if she supported Evans coming out at the launch of parliament's lgbt group, ParliOut.
“No I do not. MPs are supposed to be there to help other people not to go whingeing on their own behalf. I cannot understand the modern day emphasis and fascination and obsession with people's private lives.
“We have had gay MPs since we've had MPs...we’ve had gay everythings. It is not an issue and what we are doing now is encouraging your profession to go into everybody’s private lives," said the unmarried, sexless scary old spinster.


  1. Guido Fawkes argues that it's widely believed that Evans coming out is to ready him for a putsch against speaker John Bercow...

  2. The Mirror's Kevin Magure says Evans should name the ex-MP who was spreading the rumour about him...