Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bradley Manning: Detention May Be Unconstitutional

There may be some good news - at last - on queer hero Bradley Manning.
The Independent reports today; "Lawyers acting for Bradley Manning, the US intelligence analyst accused of stealing classified diplomatic cables later made public by WikiLeaks, may file for the charges against him to be dismissed on the grounds that the nine months he has been held in solitary confinement breach his constitutional rights."
This comes after calls in January from UK Friends of Bradley Manning - later taken up by Amnesty International in The Guardian ;
'Government asked to intervene on behalf of alleged WikiLeaks source on grounds that he is UK citizen'
The Independent's Kim Sengupta adds drily; "While Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, attended an extradition hearing in London yesterday accompanied by his court of celebrity backers and 100 journalists, 23-year-old Manning spent another day in solitary confinement in his tiny, bare prison cell under conditions which have been described as inhumane and tantamount to psychological torture."
Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich - one of the few American politicians who won't be shot come the revolution - has requested a meeting with Manning.
Kucinich told US TV news networks he is concerned about Manning's "cruel and unusual punishment" in his one-man Guantanamo Boy, and how this is affecting Bradley's mental health.
Fagburn agrees with many that this is all a deliberate attempent to break Bradley Manning.


  1. good news. hopefully.

    still no mention of Manning on pink news.
    useless cunts.

  2. Nothing happens in Pink News world unless they're sent a press release.
    Useless cunts.

  3. And only then if it is a puff piece or right on press release.
    Utterly useless cunts.